Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/16/13 – Lady Gaga and Climate Change Hysteria

Tony discusses the latest defect in Obamacare. This time, people are getting money taken out of their accounts before their due dates. That mean no money for Christmas, and families wondering exactly how they’ll get through the month.

James Taylor of the Heartland Institute talks about the latest global warming climate change scam news, and exposes how the mainstream media manipulates their reporting to make climate change look real and dangerous.

After dissecting how Sen. Pat Murray (D-WA) chickened out of an interview on FOX, Tony talks with Sports Mike about the Cowboys implosion all the latest in the NFL. Plus, how Lady Gaga tells an important story – and one that the President could learn from.

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Tony Katz is the host of The Morning News with Tony Katz on 93.1FM WIBC (Indianapolis.) Working his way through current events and pop culture, Tony entertainingly exposes media hypocrisy and makes the complex easy to understand. Different than other talk show hosts, Tony focuses on right vs. wrong, instead of right vs. left. Follow him on Twitter @tonykatz. Listen to Tony Katz Monday - Friday, 5-9am on 93.1FM WIBC and

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