Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 2/4/14 – Farm Bill Failures and Utopian Nightmares

A major snowstorm has engulfed our home station in Indianapolis. So before Tony digs in on the bad Farm Bill, early onset Hillary fatigue and utopian nightmares, he gives the updates on the storm, the city and what’s open and what’s closed for the next day.

Then, Daren Bakst of Heritage joins Tony to explain why the Farm Bill is a bad deal for America, and a bad deal for farmers. When you consider that $756 billion of a $956 billion bill is for food stamps – and not farming! – you realize the level of politics, pandering and outright deception that is taking place.

Hillary is in full gear for her run for President, but even key Obama staffers thinks she’s doing it wrong, raising the specter that she might be falling into the same traps that cost her the election in 2008.

And is utopia really the desired state, considering – as Tony does – that the road to get there is the most violent of them all?

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