Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/9/14 – Chris Christie Speaks and Feminism Gets Questioned

Chris Christie gave a 90+ minute press conference to answer for the involvement of his staff in the shutting down of lanes heading to the George Washington Bridge. As Tony shows, it’s not about whether you want Christie as your 2016 nominee (and who is thinking about 2016 right now?,) it’s about seeing leadership in America – something sorely lacking from the current Administration.

While not prognosticating, Tony does ask the key question – if it’s Christie vs. Hillary, how will you vote? As he has many times before, Tony explains the need to get started on the road to victory, and how we can build on success to create better success in the future.

Then, women across America attack Candace Cameron-Bure for her views on marriage. According to Marie Claire, she set back women “a billion years.” Producer Paige and Holly Bacon disagree, and discuss what it takes – for them – to have a happy family. As always, those opposed to Cameron-Bure aren’t about openness…they’re about hate.

Common Core gets a beating – like it should – and so does Lane Kiffin – like he should.

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