Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/1/14 – New York Is Dead and Progressives Are Squares

Tony launches quickly and furiously into a post-mortem for New York, and the greatness that it once was. But now, after 12 years of Nanny Bloomberg and now the future failure Bill DeBlasio (who wants to do away with horse drawn carriages!,) it’s clear that the future of New York is all down hill. Such a shame.

But while that’s taking place, why not find a way to New Year’s Eve differently? After all, it seems the networks are only interested in going low class on New Year’s. If the networks can’t provide coverage, and Times Square is only going to fall apart under DeBlasio leadership, why not rethink the night…and the place.

Then, Tony gets called a “transphobe” over his conversation about a California law that lets six year olds determine the bathroom of their choosing based on what gender they “identify” with. Well, they don’t say it to Tony, they say it to Producer Paige…and curse at her. Tony has some words.

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