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Opposition To Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Not About Race, But Her Nomination Is — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:

Sarah Palin is running for Congress in Alaska to fill the seat of the late Rep. Don Young.

Will the images out of the city of Bucha change the course of the conflict in Ukraine? Does this change the Biden Administrations response? Major Mike Lyons joins us to discuss the latest out of Ukraine and what could happen next in the region.

Newly-minted radio host Amber Athey got fired from WMAL in Washington DC for a tweet about Vice President Kamala Harris. If stations won’t support their hosts, how long before those hosts get fired and those stations don’t exist?

A woman opened a new sports bar in Portland that will only show women’s sports.

Representative Jeffries and his lies about the border crisis.

Oreo Cookies have released a new “coming out” film to show their support of the rainbow community. All I want with my cookies is milk.

Bill Hader, of SNL fame, prioritized his family over celebrity. There is not enough of that in Hollywood.

The Black Lives Matter Organization is a grift.

The Must-See Twitter Thread:

The Big Story:

Ketanji Brown Jackson does not have a position on Natural Rights. That alone is disqualifying. She is not a textualist and she has a questionable judicial record. These are the reasons to not support Brown Jackson.

Opposition to Ketanji Brown Jackson is not about her race, but her nomination is.

What’s Bigger – The Inflation or The Lies? The Morning Rumble With Tony Katz

Inflation is at its highest number since 1982. And what is the Biden administration saying? #PutinPriceHike

This is gaslighting, and it’s despicable. And the Biden Administration is doubling down on blaming Putin instead of dealing with the problems they alone created.

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SOTU Preview and Failed Energy Dependence — The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

Tonight is the State Of The Union, and Biden has nothing positive to sell to America. Not a policy result, not a vision for the future, nothing. So what is he going to say?

Meanwhile, the administration is doubling down on energy dependence, even if that energy comes from war mongering Russia.

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Neil Young Finally Says Something Right About Joe Rogan, Spotify – The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

The Left still won’t stop going after Joe Rogan. They want him fired, and have now taken to calling him a racist. Luckily, Neil Young is finally making perfect sense about this.

Also, Ford and Volkswagen say don’t expect computer chips til 2023. Bad news for the auto sector.

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Your Morning TK Top 3 – Wednesday, February 2nd

Tony Katz always has the top stories of the day. He shares them on air, and now he’s sharing them with you. Want the full list? Subscribe on Locals, and get even more exclusive content.

1 – Whoopi Goldberg was wrong, gets suspended for Two Weeks, from The Hollywood Reporter https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/whoopi-goldberg-suspended-the-view-1235085574/

Tony says

There’s two parts to this story. First, Goldberg was wrong. And I explained that on Newsmax and on my radio shows very clearly. Second, why is Whoopi only getting a two week suspension? I don’t believe in cancel culture, and I don’t want her fired. But the rules – from the Left – are very clear. So why did she get suspended for basically reinterpreting the Holocaust, but actress Gina Carano got fired by the same company for doing something FAR less egregious?

2 – ADP says 300,000 jobs lost in January due to Omicron, from CNBChttps://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/02/adp-jobs-report-january-2022.html

Tony says –

Be clear – this isn’t the jobs report. ADP, the payroll people, have put this out ahead of the jobs report. It’s bad news. And, when you couple it with the White House lowering expectations on jobs just a few days ago, get ready for an epic disaster in the jobs market.

3 – The Washington Football Team is changing their name to the Washington Commanders, from CBS Sportshttps://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/washington-commanders-football-team-announces-new-nickname-after-18-month-rebranding-process/

Tony says –

How soon before they are referred to as the “DC Commies?”

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Whoopi Goldberg Was Absolutely Wrong About Race and the Holocaust

Tony Katz appeared on Newsmax to discuss host Whoopi Goldberg’s comments on the ABC show “The View” that the Holocaust was not about race. Goldberg was emphatic in her view, and even appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to double down on her incorrect theory. Soon after, she issued an apology. ABC suspended her for two weeks for her comments.

As Tony explains, the Nazis referred to Jews as an inferior race and believed this to be true. “To say that “race” was not a key factor in the hate Nazis had for Jews is just wrong,” said Tony.

Check out the video Newsmax shared of his appearance.

You can see Tony’s full Newsmax appearance HERE:

Should Cancel Culture Come After Whoopi? — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:

Should Mike Pence run for President in 2024? Can he win the nomination? We discuss the 2024 strategy and what the base wants.

The Tom Brady retirement.

Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers deleted a tweet calling parents racists for coming to school board meetings.

The Federal Reserve is committing to SEVEN rate hikes this year. The Biden Administration is trying to soften the blow of the pending jobs report. We speak to economist Matt Will about these issues and the state of the US economy.

Wordle has been purchased by The New York Times.

We examine The Indiana Democrat Party’s press release of lies.

The Big Story:

Whoopi Goldberg claims to have “misspoke” about the motive’s behind the holocaust, claiming it wasn’t racial. But did she really misspeak? Should cancel culture come for Whoopi?

When cancel culture happens, no one learns anything. People only get destroyed. On the other hand, nothing could be considered more “misinformation” than Whoopi’s comments on the Holocaust.

SEVEN INTEREST RATE HIKES IN 2022? WHAT?!?! – The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

We knew there would be interest rate increases, but seven of them? Is this the Federal Reserve thinking that we won’t notice how much it hits our wallets if they do it slowly…bit by bit?

Meanwhile, the White House is already softening the ground for how bad the jobs numbers look.

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