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Nathan Phillips Is Worse Than You Know

Nathan Phillips was not attacked by the students of Covington Catholic High School. While media outlets around the nation tried to sell that story, the clear and unedited video proves this untrue.

What is true, says Tony Katz, is that Phillips is a liar. Phil Kerpen of American Commitment joins Tony to discuss the real story of Phillips: he lied about serving in Vietnam. He also has a history of aggressive behavior, and inserting himself into bad situations.

So why did media continue to push the lie that Phillips himself was attacked/accosted/insulted? And will any media correct the record?

The Best Fake Washington Post Headlines Attacking The Koch Brothers

Last week, two Washington Post reporters wrote about the Koch Brothers having the largest interest in Canadian oil sands. After a review from PowerlineBlog.com’s John Hinderaker, the article from WaPo writers Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin was thoroughly debunked.

I wrote about it here, and then discussed on my radio show. As Progressives in the media and in the party elite have learned, attacks on the Koch Brothers are good for business. Democrats have had a fundraising surge when mentioning the Koch Brothers in their emails.

During the show, my chatroom decided that it would be fun if they started creating fake Washington Post headlines that somehow blamed the Koch Brothers for all the world’s ills – past, present and future. What they put together was pure gold, and I share them with you now.

Here are The Best Fake Washington Post Headlines Attacking the Koch Brothers:

“Koch iceberg hits Titanic; ship lost”

“Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor – Koch Brothers Asleep at the Wheel”

“Koch ammunition fails at Little Bighorn; cavalry unit slain”

“Koch former CEO Benedict Arnold implicated in treason scandal”

“Koch Bros Give Rise to New Sexism With Use of Term ‘Bossy'”

“Duke loses in first round; Koch pep-talk blamed”

“Kochs behind nefarious movement to call ‘pop’, ‘coke'”

“Koch Bros Deny Obama Victory in Getting Olympics for Chicago”

“Gun Deaths Rise in Chicago Due to Gun-Friendly Koch Brothers”

“Oh My God! Koch killed Kenny!”

“Great Lakes at 90% Freezing Level – Caused by Koch Brothers’ Carbon Footprint”

“Koch Bros Plant Wheelchair-Bound Man at Biden Event. Laughs Ensue”

“Koch Bros Unable to Prove Not on Grassy Knoll”

“Michelle Obama’s Mother Chews Out Chinese Hotel Staff. Koch Brothers’ Mints on Pillows to Blame”

“Koch Bros Behind Fake Moon Landing” – WaPO, 7/20/1969

“Gary Powers’ U-2 Shot Down Over The Soviet Union – Koch Brothers’ On-Board Telemetry Called into Question”

“Zeppelin crashes in Lakehurst, NJ; Koch landing ropes blamed for inferno”

“Koch Bros Advise Trailblazers Pass on Jordan, Draft Sam Bowie Instead” – WaPo, 1984

“REVEALED: Koch Brothers penned most of the songs on Miley Cyrus’ latest album”

“Buckner’s Error Gives Mets Gave Six of the 1986 World Series – Koch Brothers’ High-Top Sneakers to Blame”

“FLASH! Secret funding discovered for Galactic Empire, Koch Brothers suspected”

“Koch Bros own driving school used by Justin Bieber”

“Koch-owned company, Space Station Exhaust Port Manufacturing and Installation, found to have extensive Rebel ties” — WaPo, a long, long time ago.

Koch Bros money behind White Sox throwing 1919 World Series

“Koch Bros Invent New Music Style Called ‘Disco'” – WaPo, 1976

“Black Death ravages Europe; faulty Koch mousetraps at fault”

“Koch Bros Pen Screenplay for Ishtar”

BREAKING: Koch brothers fund “Live Sound of Music w/Carrie Underwood”

“Joanie no longer loves Chachi; Koch brothers implicated in love-triangle”

“Koch Bros Funding MSNBC… MSNBC not in on Joke”

“Secret owners of teleprompter company found to be Koch Bros”

“Koch Bros Revealed to be “Real Killer” in OJ Slayings” – WaPo, 1995

“Koch Bros designed ObamaCare website”

“Koch Brothers memo surfaces: ‘Firefly sucks! Cancel it!'”

“REVEALED: Koch Bros Let the Dogs Out”

“Yoko Ono believed to be long-lost Koch daughter;Beatles still broken up”

“Koch Bros Encouraged Jerry Jones to keep Tony Romo”

“Horse with no name still can’t find one, Koch Brothers will not reveal to America”

“Chris Christie loses 100 lbs. Koch Brothers find it and gives it back”

“Koch Industries main supplier of Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood”

“4 Cops Behind Rodney King Beatings? All Koch Bros Cousins” – WaPo, 1992

“Jim Morrison Found Dead in Paris in a Koch Brothers Hotel” – WaPo 1971

“Koch Bros Deprive Indian Tribe of Fair Value on Manhattan Island”

“Koch brothers secretly making deal with Russia to buy back Alaska in exchange for drilling rights”

“Koch Bros firearm used in ‘Old Yeller’ finale”

“Neither Han nor Greedo fired first. It was Charles Koch”

“Koch Brothers Are Actually Sauron And Darth Vader”

“Koch Bros Killed Sonny, Fredo Takes Fall”

“Koch Bros Developed Taco Bell’s Enchirito”

“Koch brother pens Seinfeld finale episode”

“Koch Bros Select Ben Affleck as New Batman”

“Peanut Allergy a Koch Bros Devised Plot, Study Finds”

“Koch-sponsored plan to tip over the island of Guam thwarted by hero congressman Hank Johnson”

“Koch brothers implicated in Jimmy Carter’s malaise”

“Nick Cannon Discovered & Promoted by Koch Bros”

“Atlantis sunk, Koch Brothers sought for questioning”

Have your own? Put them in the comments below. Many thanks to everyone in the chat who contributed to this list. They include JBrenn, Mr_Fastbucks, DorothyGrissom, BWilliams, SurlyNYCon, Prue61, bostonrandy, PrairieDogSD, BOOB_Level, Jimmiebjr and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 3/24/14 – Media Matters Very Little and Washington Post Lies

The liberal so-called watchdog group Media Matters for America has decided that FOX News is bigoted because they use the term “homosexual” instead of “gay.” This isn’t a news story, says Tony. It’s a cry for help from sad elitists who think they are in charge of how we speak and what words we can use.

Phil Kerpen joins Tony to talk about the Washington Post story beset with lies and misinformation. Kerpen was one of those who exposed the faulty logic and math behind the story, and Tony digs in on why the story – an attack on the Koch Brothers – was really written.

IJReview columnist Kira Davis talks to Tony about another Media Matters small mind, Oliver Willis. Willis thinks he knows why women buy guys. Kira sets the record straight on why she has a gun, and why Progressives like Willis think she is dumb. Hint – projection!

Plus, the chatroom creates the greatest fake Washington Post headlines ever!

Listen, Share and Enjoy!

Washington Post Reporters Fail Truth Test About The Koch Brothers

Last week, the Washington Post did a story on the Koch Brothers, long the subject of assaults, misinformation and straight out lies from the progressive left and their allies in the media, which was called out by PowerlineBlog’s John Hinderaker for not making sense. He exposed the lie, and the liars.Yet, the Washington Post has done nothing to correct the story. Instead, the story’s authors doubled down.

The original Post piece talked about oil sands in Canada, and which companies owned significant parcels of land. The authors, Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin, used the following headline: “The biggest lease holder in Canada’s oil sands isn’t Exxon Mobil or Chevron. It’s the Koch brothers.”

There’s no way to misunderstand that headline. They are saying that the Koch’s are the ones who will profit the most from projects like the unfortunately controversial Keystone XL pipeline, and that’s why people should continue their opposition to a pipeline that will provide thousands of job and millions of dollars to the local economies of multiple states.

(As an environmental issue, not having the pipeline causes the oil to be trucked to the refineries. This adds far more pollution in to the air. The pipeline would be much better for the air quality of the children.)

What Hinderaker discovered is that, no, the Koch’s are not the biggest lease holder. He went further:

I pointed out that Koch is not, in fact, the largest leaser of tar sands land; that Koch will not be a user of the pipeline if it is built; and that construction of the Keystone Pipeline would actually be harmful to Koch’s economic interests, which is why Koch has never taken a position on the pipeline’s construction. The Keystone Pipeline, in short, has nothing whatsoever to do with the Koch brothers.

He goes on to point out that one of the authors, Juliet Eilperin, has connections to the environmental lobby that screams, “conflict of interest!” A conflict that she does not make known in her “reporting.” From Hinderaker:

Juliet Eilperin is a reporter for the Washington Post who covers, among other things, environmental politics. As I wrote in my prior post, she is married to Andrew Light. Light writes on climate policy for the Center for American Progress, a far-left organization that has carried on a years-long vendetta against Charles and David Koch on its web site, Think Progress. Light is also a member of the Obama administration, as Senior Adviser to the Special Envoy on Climate Change in the Department of State. The Center for American Progress is headed by John Podesta, who chaired Barack Obama’s transition team and is now listed as a “special advisor” to the Obama administration. Note that Ms. Eilperin quoted Podesta, her husband’s boss, in her puff piece on Tom Steyer.

Tom Steyer, a billionaire progressive who made his money on the green movement, sits on the board of Center for American Progress where her husband works. How’s that for cronyism?

With all of this information, the only thing the Washington Post authors provided was a brief response which was not an apology. They stated:

…if Koch’s lease holdings are 1.1 million acres, that would make it one of the region’s largest, rivaled only by Shell (1 million net acres through an Athabasca joint venture and perhaps 1.3 million net acres altogether), Cenovus Energy (1.5 million net acres), and perhaps Canadian Natural Resources (717,000 net undeveloped acres plus an undetermined number of developed acres). Shell declined to release its total acreage figures. If Koch’s lease holdings are “closer to two million,” as has been said by industry sources we consider highly authoritative, then Koch is indeed the largest lease holder in the province.

As the Volohk Conspiracy’s Jonathan Adler accurately stated, “Where the first story proclaimed the Kochs are the largest lease holder in the Canadian oil sands, Mufson and Eilperin now say they are ‘one of the region’s largest.’ That’s quite a difference.”

The difference, clearly, between reporting and lying.

Phil Kerpen of American Commitment looked into the lease holdings in the Canadian oil sands. His totals show that the company Canadian Natural Resources Limited holds more than 2.5 million acres of oil sands. That would mean that if the Koch Brothers owned “closer to two million” acres, they would still be a far cry from the largest lease holder.

As of the posting of this article, neither the Washington Post, Steven Mufson nor Juliet Eilperin has apologized for their misleading headline and faulty reporting. However, those words are too kind. Mufson and Eilperin lied, and the Washington Post allowed it to happen (though, I cheer the Post for allowing Volokh Conspiracy to speak to the issue.)

When people complain of a cozy connection between the progressive left and the mainstream press, this is what they are talking about. The Koch Brothers are good fundraising fodder for the Democrat party. As Dave Weigel noted in Slate, attacks on the Koch Brothers have tripled e-mail fundraising efforts:

Nineteen e-mails didn’t mention the Kochs. They raised, in total, $48,146.30, for an average of $2,534.02 per message. But five e-mails mentioned, in at least some way, the Koch brothers. Those asks raised $32,668.72, an average of $6,533.74 per e-mail. The Democratic base, which has been hearing about and fearing the Kochs for nearly four years, responds to this stuff.

Knowing their base responds “to this stuff,” it seems clear that Mufson and Eilperin wanted a headline that their base would respond to as well, and wrote a story that helped their ideology, and, to a large degree, billionaire Tom Steyer.

All bashing and attacks on the Koch Brothers should be looked at as suspect, and require further examination of the facts and of those committing the attacks. Cheers to John Hinderaker, Phil Kerpen and the Volokh Conspiracy for bringing these lies to light.

FULL DISCLOSURE – I have worked repeatedly with Americans For Prosperity over the past three years. I have spoken at more than 50 events. I have done video work for them, and I have been paid for my work on numerous occasions.

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