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CNN’s Brian Stelter Says Balanced News Comes From The East AND West Coasts

That Americans even need to discuss the idea of “balanced” news in America is part of the serious problem with American media. News outlets are proudly un-balanced. They market themselves that way. They revel in it. For CNN’s Brian Stelter, “balanced” news involves reading newspapers from Washington DC and Los Angeles, CA.

This is not a conversation about the opinion and commentary shows. While they should all look honestly at news and stories affecting the nation, they will have thoughts and views that have a bias. That’s rational. As a radio host, I have a point of view that I share with my audience on 93.1 FM WIBC in Indianapolis. Our newsroom, however, is a separate entity. They practice journalism; they report the story. I, as a commentator and host, share my views on those stories.

But it is increasingly obvious that newsrooms across America don’t share this view. The “journalism” is their point of view. Hannah Dreier of the Washington Post engaged in a full attack on Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for not ensuring FEMA assistance after the condo collapse in Surfside. (As of writing this, nine people are dead and numerous people are still missing and believed buried in the rubble.) She claimed in a tweet:

But this was not the case. As Gov. DeSantis’ office explained, the governor signed an executive order to get assistance to those affected by the building collapse:

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EPA Administrator Says WaPo Lied About Their Disinfectant Warnings

The EPA Administrator, Andrew Wheeler, joined Tony Katz. The EPA has been active in addressing fraudulent COVID-19 disinfectants. The EPA is working directly with online retailers to remove inaccurate claims on products that claim to be effective against COVID-19.

“What we have done is approve products for use against coronavirus. As of today, we have approved almost 400 products that our listed on our website… Make sure the products you are purchasing are actually effective against the virus.”

Last week, the President had mentioned ultraviolent lights and disinfectants during the coronavirus press conference. The media came out with the story that the President encouraged people to inject bleach, which, of course, is not true.

Wheeler made mention of this, claiming that a Washington Post reporter called, refused to accept his answer and pushed the lie about President Trump anyway:

EPA ADMINISTRATOR ANDREW WHEELER: We put that warning (about not ingesting products) on all of our list of disinfectants. Anything we approve, we always have that disclaimer, no matter what the product is.

And we’ve had that disclaimer on our disinfectants list before the coronavirus, but certainly we’ve highlighted it since March 6th. 

We release the new list of disinfectants, the new approvals, every Thursday. And we released the list last Thursday, a couple of hours before the President’s press conference. That disclaimer is always on our press release.

And we actually had [sic] Washington Post reporter called and said, “You put this on here because of the President’s press conference, didn’t you?” I said, “No. Actually, our press release went out a couple of hours before the press conference.

And then they ran a story over the weekend saying that EPA had to backtrack on the President’s statement, which is not the case at all. 

But that just shows you how the media has their own, has an incredible bias. They just run with the story and they make facts up. We specifically told them no.

TONY KATZ: The Washington Post called you to confirm. You told them that’s not the way it happened, and they ran the story anyway?

WHEELER: Yes, absolutely.