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What Really Matters: CNN and the Loss of Rep. Walorski

Rep. Jackie Walorski was killed in a car accident today, along with two of her staffers – Zachery Potts, 27, and Emma Thomson, 28 – along with the driver of the other car. It’s a horrible scene and a horrible story. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emma, and Rep. Walorski was a frequent guest on my radio show.

CNN is in a ratings freefall. And one clip will show you why.

But why both of these stories? One is about what really matters, and one is about what people tell you matters….but we know better.

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Do Americans Want To Go To War With Russia? — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:

President Biden speaks live about America’s financial and humanitarian assistance in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

The Progressives oppose America. They think we are fundamentally racist and systemically oppressive. How can other countries look to us for support? If you oppose America, what leadership can you provide?

In order to understand what America should be doing in Ukraine, historical perspective matters. Should the United States be militarily active against Russia in Ukraine? Ret. Col. Kurt Schlichter joins us to discuss the risk of WWIII if America isn’t clear about our objective.

Another Jussie Smollett fake hate crime. A student of color is reportedly behind racist graffiti found at a private Catholic all-girls school in Rochester, New York.

A Florida teacher that is not teaching, but promoting his sexuality to children.

Congresswoman Jacki Walorski of Indiana’s 2nd District joins us to discuss “peace through strength” and her reaction to Ukraine President Zelenskyy’s address to Congress.

The Big Story:

Ukraine President Zelenskyy’s video conference with Congress. He is calling for help from America’s military and leadership from Joe Biden. Does America want to go to war?

We open the phone lines to callers and get your feedback- Do Americans want to go to war with Russia?

We Have An Incompetent Commander In Chief — Interview with Rep. Walorski

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski from Indiana’s 2nd District joins us to discuss inflation in RV Country and where the Biden Administration currently is on actions towards Russia’s military aggression. Rep Walorski’s concern is that we have an incompetent, unpredictable President that will only act once Putin does, and even then we don’t know what to expect.

Inflation is hitting Midwest Main Street hard. Is America prepared for the growing inflation that will continue to come?