Eat! Drink! Smoke! – Snack Size! – Will Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Get Herself Tossed From Congress?

Rep. Elect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is not afraid. In response to a trolling tweet from Donald Trump Jr., Cortez basically – actually – threatened to investigate and subpoena Trump Jr.

Tony Katz makes his prediction about Cortez – she’s going to get herself expelled from the House. He also labels her “female Trump” due to her Twitter feed.

Tony is joined by Fingers Malloy and April D. Gregory.

273 – David and Goliath Teaches Us That, At The Southern US Border, Rocks Thrown At Others Can Kill Them. Twitter Cares Nothing For #1A

Tony Katz talks about the migrants who tried to storm the southern border, only to be turned back by tear gas. As was learned, migrants threw rocks at Border Patrol agents. Progressives like former CNN commentator Sally Kohn thinks rocks being thrown are no big deal. Tony breaks down how the anti-Trump zealots try to excuse lies that have no excuse; rocks can kill and have killed, and everyone knows it.

Twitter has made their position clear: The First Amendment ain’t worth a crap. And no, Ellen Barkin, Mississippi is not made up of a bunch of racists.

271 – Twitter Censorship Gets Ridiculous, and John Kasich Really Thinks He Can Be President

A woman was suspended from using Twitter because she said a man is not a woman. This has Tony Katz wondering what exactly the purpose of Twitter’s action really is? Stoping “hate” or censoring speech? This leads to a personal conversation of depression and suicidal thoughts.

General Motors is reducing their workforce by 15%. Why? The times are changing, and no one wants cars anymore. Sutdents in Wisconsin took a photo giving the Nazi salute. They’re not Nazis, however. They’re just morons, and this photo will haunt them forever.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is seriously considering running for the presidential nomination against President Trump.

Bieber Love OK, Jesus Love Still Questionable

This morning, I awoke to see that Twitter was all a-flutter with its latest trending topic – JUSTIN IS OUR EVERYTHING.  Don’t complain about the all-caps, that’s the way it was written.  Justin, of course, is Justin Bieber, the pop star sensation that has spawned million of fans all around the world.  For this latest generation of pre-teens and teens (and the silent groups of so-called grown ups who hum “Baby” to themselves at odd times throughout the day!) Justin is, to them, The Beatles.  The adoration is unbelievable (or, un-BIEB-able!)

Certainly, it’s ok to like Bieber’s music.  It’s ok for pre-teen girls to find him cute.  It’s ok for Bieber to make millions of dollars from people who like his music or think he’s cute.

But what if we replaced “Justin” with “Jesus?”  Would the person who posted (as it is trending on Twitter) JESUS IS OUR EVERYTHING be told that his or her post is inflammatory?  If written on a notebook brought to school, would they invite charges of being offensive?  How many secularists would put the poster of such a Tweet to ridicule?

One of the great things about social media, and platforms like Twitter, is that they show us what the nation (the world) is thinking.  It is a fascinating wide-angle lens on our culture.  There is nothing wrong with liking Justin Bieber.  Nothing wrong with loving the music.  Nothing wrong with being a mega-fan.  But what is it saying about our culture when stating that a musician is everything is good, but stating Jesus is everything would bring condemnation, ridicule or attack?

NOTE – As pointed out to me by DavidBarr4x on Twitter, the term GAGA IS OUR RELIGION was trending last week.

Tony Katz on CNN

Here is my interview with Don Lemon on CNN about Buy Arizona! Now.  To their credit, CNN did an excellent job covering the rallies, and Don Lemon did a great job with this interview.

Off to Arizona

I’m all packed, and I am hitting the road to participate in the Buy Arizona! Now Weekend.  It’s going to be a great time.  Not only is the weekend going to be a blast, but I will be doing my show live from two different cigar bars.

On Thursday, June 3rd, join me at the Scottsdale Cigar Club.  On Friday, June 4th, join me at Oggie’s Cigars.  Both are in Scottsdale, and both offer great deals, and a comfortable place to sit, relax, smoke and talk.

Come join me at either place.  Let me know you are coming!  Find me on Twitter or Facebook.  Also, if you can’t make the weekend, be sure to support an Arizona business and buy the t-shirt!  Designed and printed in Arizona, on shirts made in the USA!  Your friends will be jealous.  Oh yes, they will be jealous.

Also, be sure to listen to the show on Wednesday as Chris Fritcher of The Fritch Show fills in.

See you in Arizona!

Can You Review A Movie?

The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular is hiring a movie reviewer.

Since Roger Ebert outed himself as an innuendo-regurgitating hack in a recent post on Twitter, I decided that it was a good time to help someone else be the movie reviewer of choice.

You can read all about it at All Patriots Media.

My Newest Sponsor

Everyone, meet Cheap Humidors.  I met them via Twitter, as they responded to a tweet I put out about cigars.  I told them about what I was doing, and they decided to jump on board.



The humidor is fantastic, the etching is incredible  and I’m thrilled to have Brian, and the entire Cheap Humidors team, with me.  If you’re in the market for a humidor, lighter or cigars, order from them directly.

The Ignorance of NBC

NBC is ignorant.

It is obvious, to anyone willing to pay any type of attention at all, that NBC is nothing more than a mouth-piece for the Obama administration, and, moreover, the Democrat Party.  The resignation of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, who was brought to the light of day by Glenn Beck, and a host of incredible bloggers and researchers, including Michelle Malkin, shows just how strong the will of the American people is.  Once we learned about who Van Jones was, and is now, once we learned about what he has said in the past, and in the past 8 months, once we saw what kind of people President Obama was placing in high-level positions outside the purview of Senate approval, we – the American people – said no.

The removal of Van Jones was about finding information, and disseminating that information.  Twitter, Facebook, blogs, emails and a dose of Fox News – that’s what it took to get the word out on Van Jones.  The removal of Van Jones shows the new “force-to-be-reckoned-with” in the United States – We The People.  The Obama Administration never prepared for this.  They probably don’t event understand how it’s possible.  They thought that they alone controlled the American people.  Obviously, they don’t quite yet know what Charles Krauthammer explained to all of us in a column just today.  Obama is mortal.  He is not superior….he’s just a man.  Maybe now they understand that the American people will not be controlled.  They will not be servants to the President, no matter what celebrity shows up in a video.

After the stunning resignation of Van Jones, NBC Washington ran this story with the following headline:

“Obama Aide Van Jones Resigns After GOP Attacks”

What are they talking about?  What GOP attacks?  Who do they think they are fooling? It is now obvious, to anyone willing to pay any type of attention at all, that NBC is beyond just a mouth-piece for the administration.  NBC is ignorant.  They are attempting to spin the resignation as the work of GOP, in order to show the Obama administration as under attack, under siege, in need of pity, in need of support against the big, bad enemy that does not control the House, the Senate or the White House. NBC has given up the ghost of any type of journalism, and instead have resigned themselves to be ignorant shills for the administration, and for the Democrat party.

It’s not enough to explain them as just ignorant, (and they are) it is also important to understand that, with this resignation, and subsequent headline, that they are irrelevant.  NBC, with daily cheerleading of Brian Williams, subsequent cheering from Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, and the “flights of fancy” that attempt to pass themselves off as journalists on MSNBC (Schultz, Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow), was no match for the American people.  NBC spends their days and nights defending the White House, defending Obama, defending the Democrat party.  They use their money, influence, and control, to spin every message they can to distort the reality on the ground.  Want proof?  I refer you to the headline posted above.

Van Jones didn’t resign because of GOP attacks.  (And, so we can be clear, it was Van Jones who has the history of attacking the GOP!!)  Van Jones resigned because the American people demanded it.  The American people were made aware of who he is, what he thinks and what he believes.  They did their own research, and they found out even more.  They spoke up, they spoke loud, they shared information, and they got more people to speak up, and be loud.

Van Jones resigned because NBC and MSNBC are no match for the American people. Yet, NBC thinks Van Jones resigned because of GOP attacks.

NBC is ignorant….and irrelevant.

They Love The Planet, Because They Love Your Cash

“We have become increasingly concerned that EPA and many other agencies and countries have paid too little attention to the science of global warming. EPA and others have tended to accept the findings reached by outside groups, particularly the IPCC and the CCSP, as being correct without a careful and critical examination of their conclusions and documentation…”

This statement, from the EPA, and released by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, says it all.  Cap and Trade is not about saving the planet.  If it was, lawmakers, and those who pray at the altar of the Church of Environmentalism, would be concerned that the bill in front of the House does near nothing to help the planet.  Lawmakers are not concerned with the planet, they are looking for new ways to tax the citizens, and by doing so, make them dependent on government for relief from those taxes.  Cap and Trade is about control, by government, of you.

If it weren’t so blatant, you’d think I was making this up.

Get the entire scoop from Michelle Malkin, and make sure you follow her on Twitter.  She has done an incredible job in gathering the information to help people get the full picture.  What is Cap and Trade, how are the politicians, like Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), lying to us and what this means for you, for me, and for America?

Call your Congressperson, now!