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The Audacity of Deception

It seems that the media and politicians who don’t care for President Trump are working overtime to discredit him, even going so far as to tell outright lies to get their point across. Governors, talk show hosts and reporters are all trying to outdo each other for the ultimate prize of must audacious form of deception. Whether that be telling people that Trump encouraged citizens to drink bleach, or comparing COVID-19 deaths to Vietnam- these people will stop at nothing. Tony Katz lays out the top contenders for this week.

The President Did Not Suggest Injecting Bleach to Combat COVID-19

It was another coronavirus task force briefing and the President just couldn’t help himself. While taking questions, the President mentioned disinfectants inside the body as a possible treatment for the virus. Obviously, the President was not suggesting that people open a bottle of bleach and put it directly into their bodies, but the media ran with that angle.