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Looking At Polling In April is a Pointless Task

There is not a person alive who could tell you what the country is feeling about the 2020 election. In this historic time, the polling that is coming out may as well be toilet paper. Several national polls have Biden ahead by 8-9 points, but 7 months out from the election and during a pandemic should automatically discount anything you read about 2020 polling. Tony Katz breaks it down

The Woke Won’t Call for an Investigation Into Biden’s #MeToo Moment

With the impending 2020 presidential election appearing that it will be a contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, it’s time to take a look at a story that is being kept very quiet. A sexual assault allegation was made against Joe Biden and the woke are staying silent on it. Tony Katz illustrates how the left really don’t care about #MeToo when it’s one of their own 

Joe Biden Will Turn Into A Puddle of Goo on Debate Stage

For all the talk of President Trump’s mental acuity, are we all just forgetting about Joe Biden? The man can’t string 4 sentences together without a gaffe. What do you think is going to happen when he goes toe to toe with Donald Trump on the national stage?