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“They’re never satisfied.” Tony Katz explains Chauvin reaction, AOC and the Permanent Revolution

On Newsmax, Tony joined former congressional candidate Kim Klacik, former Oklahoma House Speaker TW Shannon and host Joe Pinion to discuss reaction to the Derek Chauvin verdict in the killing of George Floyd. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and a host of progressives say the guilty verdict is not justice.

When asked his thoughts, Tony explains that the Marxist theory of the Permanent Revolution has, unfortunately, taken hold.

As NBA Ratings Sink, Can Speak Out Against Woke-ism

Tony Katz joins NewsmaxTV to discuss low television ratings in the NBA, and whether or not athletes can speak up and out if they disagree with wokeism, or any political thought. Are they staying silent to keep their jobs?

Tony Katz on Newsmax: John Boehner a “Useful Idiot” To The Political Left

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner has been looking for book sales. To do this, he has been aggressive in his disdain for Sen. Ted Cruz and has been admonishing Republicans for not holding up “Republican” values.

There are many who would claim that Speaker Boehner didn’t hold up “Republican” values when he was in the House. But, more to the point, he must understand that he is being used by news outlets, like CNN, who view him only as a “useful idiot”.

I only hope (former Speaker @SpeakerBoehner ) understands that everyone at CNN hates you.

– Tony Katz

How Many Subscribers Will Trump’s New Social Media Service Have In The First Week?

Speaking with Heather Childers and Bob Sellers on Newsmax, Tony explained that President Trump has nothing to lose in creating a new social media platform, and it will be better for him than putting out press releases.

How many subscribers will the service have? Tony says 20 million in the first week. What do you think?

Katz on Newsmax: No, President Trump Should Not Testify at his Impeachment Trial

Who knew this was even a consideration? Tony Katz tells Newsmax that President Trump should not testify at his impeachment trial. That would be a, “…very, very bad idea.”

The Myth of Unity. The Horror of the Reprogramming Mob. Tony Katz on Newsmax.

Tony Katz appeared on Newsmax with John Bachman and Kristin Tate to discuss the myth of unity, “reprogramming Republicans” and the difference between the Left and the Right when it comes to disagreement and differences of opinion.