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Is Elon A Savior, or Just A Tease? — The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

Elon Musk, after buying 9.2% of Twitter, declined to join the board of directors. Does this mean he gets more autonomy to make changes to the social media giant, or is it nothing more than marketing for popularity?

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Putin Wasn’t Expecting This Reaction From US Businesses

Russia continues to advance on cities in Ukraine. We break out the map and look at where Putin’s forces currently are. Putin is sending teams into Ukraine to hunt down President Zelenskyy. The people of Ukraine are protecting their country, and their President. How are Americans reacting? Private Businesses owners, from Elon Musk to Indianapolis liquor store owners, are doing their part to support the people of Ukraine. Putin was not expecting this.

Can Biden Imagine The Unfathomable and Stop It From Happening? — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:

Meet Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court is Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Jenn Psaki wants you to believe that DC ending the mask mandate just in time for the SOTU was just a fortunate coincidence.

The NCAA raised the acceptable THC level for testing of athletes.

Republicans spoke to to the press about tonight’s State of The Union about ideas to address gas prices and inflation, how to gain energy independence and supporting Ukraine.

Ukraine-born Indiana Congresswoman Victoria Spartz spoke on the Ukraine conflict- calling Putin’s actions a Ukrainian genocide.

State of The Union Preview! What does Joe Biden have to sell the American people?

The Big Story:

A 40-mile military convoy is headed to Kiev to try and surround the city. Rocket attacks continue on the city of Kharkiv. Vladimir Putin shows no interest to putting an end to this. What can America do to help Ukraine? They are not asking for troops, they are asking for guns and ammo. Putin grossly underestimated the people of Ukraine. Can President Biden and the Democrats prepare for the unfathomable and stop it from happening?