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Katz on Fox & Friends: Obama’s Endorsement of Biden Won’t Unite Dems

Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss the progression in the 2020 race for President. Joe Biden essentially sealed up the nomination with the endorsements of Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. Katz discusses what kind of effect this will have on the Biden campaign and if he can rally in enough support from Bernie supporters.

Katz on Fox & Friends: Biden Delivered In Latest Debate

While the world was occupied by the latest developments involving Coronavirus, there was another debate between the last two Democrats in the race for President. Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss the debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

“Joe Biden came across as extremely effective. He did the one thing that nobody thought he could do; he got through sentences without stammering… While I don’t agree with him on policy, he was very clear in his statement.”

Tony Katz On Fox News: Bernie Sanders & The Youth Vote

The Sanders campaign is counting on the youth vote to propel him to the nomination in the Democratic primary. When Super Tuesday came around and the youth vote didn’t deliver, the Sanders campaign was a little panicked. Tony Katz joined Fox News to break down why the Sanders campaign didn’t perform as expected in the youth demographic.

Katz: I Don’t Believe Buttigieg Dropped Out For Party Unity

Just two days before Super Tuesday, Pete Buttigieg pulled a stunner and dropped out of the race for President. The South Bend Mayor won Iowa and was competitive in New Hampshire, but proved incapable of rallying more support in southern states. Buttigieg announced that he was suspending his campaign for the benefit of “party unity”, but Tony Katz is skeptical.

Biden Campaign Goes For Kill Shot Against Bernie

There is blood in the water. Joe Biden is going right for the throat of Bernie Sanders. Just days away from the South Carolina Primary, the Biden campaign released a new ad that criticized Bernie Sanders for not supporting Barack Obama in his 2012 re-election campaign.

The ad also attacked Sanders for “not supporting the first African American President”. Tony Katz takes a look at the ad, and the battle between Biden and Sanders in South Carolina.

I don’t think the key is to go after Bernie Sanders on the race card… You can go after him for supporting Fidel Castro. You can go after him for his despicable polices. You can go after him for not being vetted… It’s easy to start taking apart Bernie Sanders.”

Biden and Sanders are considered the two front runners in the South Carolina Primary. Many pundits believe that the Biden campaign is essentially finished unless they win South Carolina.