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273 – David and Goliath Teaches Us That, At The Southern US Border, Rocks Thrown At Others Can Kill Them. Twitter Cares Nothing For #1A

Tony Katz talks about the migrants who tried to storm the southern border, only to be turned back by tear gas. As was learned, migrants threw rocks at Border Patrol agents. Progressives like former CNN commentator Sally Kohn thinks rocks being thrown are no big deal. Tony breaks down how the anti-Trump zealots try to excuse lies that have no excuse; rocks can kill and have killed, and everyone knows it.

Twitter has made their position clear: The First Amendment ain’t worth a crap. And no, Ellen Barkin, Mississippi is not made up of a bunch of racists.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 3/4/14 – Grayson on Women and Ukraine Missteps

Events in Ukraine continue to dominate the headlines, but still too many refuse the necessary history lesson to understand the moment. Tony talks about some TV commentators who are asking the wrong question when it comes to Obama and foreign policy.

Then, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) has been accused of slamming his estranged wife against the wall, and tell her that he will leave her “in the gutter” after their divorce. While Rep. Grayson is innocent until proven guilty, Tony takes the MSNBC tact and declares America guilty for not throwing him out of Congress.

Plus, Tony pitches a TV show.

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