QUICK HIT – Barbra Streisand Says GOP Women Are Stupid, Vote The Way Their Husbands Tell Them To. She Also Stole Lyrics From Midnight Oil!

Tony Katz shares the story of singer and well-known leftist Barbra Streisand, who parroted former Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s refrain that Republican women vote the way their husbands or boyfriends tell them to. Streisand went a step further, arguing that GOP women were scared of Clinton’s qualifications.

Also interesting? In one of Streisand’s new songs – written to protest President Donald Trump – it sounds like her lyrics were taken directly from the Midnight Oil song, “Beds Are Burning.” Is she a thief? You decide.

254 – Scott Baio Says Roseanne Will Be Back, and Talks Trump The Fighter/Teacher

Actor and producer Scott Baio talked to Tony Katz about the ratings of Roseanne without Roseanne. Will we see her return to the show?

And what has President Trump really given the Republican party? He taught them how to fight. They didn’t talk cigars this time. We’re as shocked as you are.

249 – Trump Trumps Stahl On 60 Minutes and VP Joe Biden’s Anti-Semitism Talk Is A Big Problem For Biden And Democrats

Tony Katz plays clips from President Trump being aggressively questioned and interrupted by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes. It’s a sad showing…..for Leslie Stahl.

“Is she really this naive?” asks Tony. “How did she ever live in New York with this kind of pollyanna thing she’s got going on in this interview?”

Former Vice-President Joe Biden, campaigning for Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, accuses the GOP of anti-Semitism. Tony exposes the falsehoods of his statements, and the reality of his own party.

244 – The Enthusiasm For The Midterms Is Big…For Republicans, Bi-partisanship Drops Claire McCaskill and My Producer The Homecoming King

Tony Katz always says you should never put your faith in just one poll. When it comes to the latest information showing that Democrats enthusiasm for the midterms is waining, yet GOP enthusiasm is growing, Tony connects all the dots to spell out what the election might look like.

A GOP senator refuses to allow Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO) to use his likeness in a TV ad that claims she is bi-partisan. Why? Because, as he says it, she’s extremely partisan.

Republican senators were doxxed by a Democratic intern. We now know his identity, and all the people he worked for. And Producer Ari was Homecoming King.

The Republican Problem With Messaging

Twitter aggregation site Twitchy has highlighted a series of tweets from comedian and activist Stephen Kruiser. In the micro-blogging rant, Kruiser took to task the outdated, outmoded and out of their mind establishment Republicans for their latest mailer which featured a message from the face of the establishment Republicans, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

More than a mailer, it’s a fundraising letter for the Republican Party. Nothing could more show how out of touch the party is than using the fierce hawk and failed Republican presidential candidate Sen. McCain. The Arizona candidate is not a draw on any level, except for those who want to learn to hold on to power regardless of how many get hurt and who gets ostracized in the process.

McCain was the guy who wouldn’t say Obama’s name on stage while running for President in 2008. McCain was the guy who thought the proper course was to suspend his campaign in order to “fix” the financial crisis.

After losing, McCain was the guy who decided to attack the Tea Party and Tea Party members with every fiber of his being. He called members “hobbits.” He deemed Tea Party favorites likes Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas,) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) were nothing but a bunch of “wacko birds.”

As Katie Pavlich wrote:

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, who lost to Obama in 2008, is stepping up to the plate and offering fig leaves of compromise on everything from illegal immigration to increases in the debt ceiling. He’s proud to stand by Democratic Senators like Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer while calling conservatives like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz “wacko birds.”

So when Kruiser –  a long time Republican activist and an original Tea Party founder in Los Angeles – received a fundraising letter from McCain, he hit the roof. Among his tweets:

Yes, in February of 2014 the RNC thinks a fund raising letter from John McCain is a good idea. Because or something.

That perfectly sums up why I think party hacks who support the GOP status quo are booger eating morons.

Avoiding conflict for an entire legislative year to avoid negative press while the Dems run unchecked isn’t “strategy”, it’s myopic weakness

Those advocating weakness & caution to win the majority will then advocate weakness & caution to keep the majority. It never ends.

Take note, Republican leadership: you’re doing it wrong. You can’t get the next generation (nor the current generation!) to join you when you prop-up those who clearly are not on the side of the people. You can’t expect to get donor dollars and major support when you highlight people who condemn and insult those who are most likely to donate and lend their grass roots support.

Yes, Republicans, you’re doing it wrong. While you work hard to build out your technology assets (and bravo to you!), you need to reassess your human assets. McCain is not a draw; McCain is a repellant. Anything that doesn’t highlight Sens. Cruz, Paul or Lee isn’t worth sending out.

Or Stephen Kruiser. At least his name won’t make people throw out your mailer, or throw up on it.


 (This article originally appeared on Rare.)

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/22/14 – Guest Hosts Cameron Gray and Seton Motley

Tony takes a rare day off, and Cameron Gray of and Seton Motley of Less fill in. Yes, it takes two men to attempt to replace just one Tony Katz!

They discuss the future of the Republican party, and is it really big tent? Gay marriage gets it’s back and forth, and does allowing it create jobs in America? Plus, who has appeared on Soul Train?

It’s a big show, so give it a listen.

Listen, Share and Enjoy!

Paige’s Picks –

Paul Simon- I Know What I know

Beyonce- XO
Captain & Tennille- Love Will Keep Us Together
Soul Train Theme
Duran Duran- Rio
Muse- Madness
Pitbull- Timber feat. Ke$ha
Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #3 (Powerout)
Fritz and the Tantrums- Out of My League
John Newman- Love Me Again

Tony Katz talks about the Harvard Study on FOX

On Independence Day, Tony joined the team at FOX and Friends to talk about a new Harvard study that tries to marginalize Republicans and conservatives by claiming that 4th of July celebrations turn kids into Republicans. As Tony points out, there are worse things.

Talking about Obama and the debt with Ed Morrissey and Noel Sheppard

As many of you know, I host a weekly show on PJTV called The Conversation with Tony Katz.  My scheduled guests this week were Hot Air‘s Ed Morrissey, Newsbusters‘ Noel Sheppard and comic/blogger Stephen Kruiser.  How fortunate that on my way into the studio, I found out that President Obama was having a press conference that morning on the debt.  Here is our analysis of the presser, and how little vetting the Obama administration does of itself.

Tony Is Talking…about Replacing the GOP

Sen. Gregg of New Hampshire went on the record saying he does not believe we should defund, or repeal, Obamacare. I’m talking about teaching the GOP, and what the citizens need to learn.

Tony Is Talking…about Obama and winning

President Obama recently stated, when speaking about the GOP, that “They figured ‘if Obama fails, then we win.’

Never mind that the President is speaking in the third person, I explain the truth in Obama’s statement.