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Redefining Recession – an interview with Dr. Matt Will

GDP fell once again, marking the second straight quarterly decline- a recession. Why are we supposed to pretend otherwise? Economist at the University of Indianapolis, Dr. Matt Will joins us to discuss.

How do you say politely that someone is lying?

Sue Joy Behar of The View, and Don’t Stop Until She Stops

What Joy Behar said about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Turning Point USA is disgusting. The “apology” from The View? Nonsense.

Turning Point was right to send a cease and desist letter. But we may be at the moment where defamation lawsuits are very necessary. This was more than political disagreement; this was character assassination, lying and defamation.

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The Biggest Indicator That the Recession Is Here – The Show with Tony Katz

There’s an expression in Indiana, and in other places as well: So Goes The RV Business, So Goes The Economy.

OK, I might be paraphrasing a bit, but the sentiment is very real. When the RV business is good, the economy is usually solid. When the RV business is bad, it’s bad for everyone.

In Goshen, IN, one RV manufacturer just announced it is laying off 300 people. That is the biggest indicator yet that a recession is around the corner…if not already here.

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Should The Markets Be Making You Panic?

It’s been a rough couple weeks for the markets. Stocks have plummeted due to coronavirus and the subsequent closures of businesses across the world. Charles Payne of Fox Business joins Tony Katz to discuss what market watchers should expect to see in the immediate future and how Wall Street is going to combat COVID-19.