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In lieu of the Statist agenda to rip at the core of the Constitution, I have decided to put together a week-long strategy session on my radio show, The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular.  You can get more information from All Patriots  Here is part of my statement to APM:


Tony Katz, host of The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular, is conducting a week-long strategy session, in the wake of the House passage of health care.

Tony made his remarks just after the vote.

“It is clear that the Statists thinks they are in control. And it is apparent to anyone with eyes, ears and a somewhat working brain that when dealing with a Statist, the ends always justify the means. We have witnessed bribery and intimidation of elected officials, and to stand idly by is just unacceptable.”

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The Radio Show Begins

I’m thrilled to share this press release with you.  I hope you will all join me on a daily basis.


Tea Party Leader Takes to the Airwaves

Rising Tea Party star and former radio host Tony Katz signs a radio deal with Tan Talk Radio Network to broadcast “The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular” in two states.

Los Angeles, CA January 20, 2010 – Former Florida radio host and current Tea Party organizer Tony Katz has licensed with All Patriots Media, and the Tan Talk Radio Network, to broadcast his show, The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular.  Starting February 1, 2010, the network will air the show in Tampa Bay, FL and Little Rock, AR. Show host Tony Katz covers the important subjects of the day, including those with marginal representation in main stream media.

The one-hour daily show positions the concepts of freedom, liberty and capitalism in proper context.  Focusing on “right vs. wrong”, instead of “right vs. left”, the show features talks on trending topics including healthcare, cap and trade, big government, and constitutional issues.

“I’m thrilled to be back on the air, and it’s incredibly sweet to be returning to Tampa Bay, a town that has done so much for me over the years,” said Tony Katz.  “Being on 880am in Little Rock is going to be wonderful.  It’s the heart-of-America places where you get the most honest conversations.  And I look forward to being a part of those conversations everyday.”

The show is licensed by All Patriots Media and can be heard online at at 8am PST.  The show airs on the Tan Talk Radio Network in Tampa Bay on 1340am (WTAN) 1350am (WDCF) and 1400am (WZHR) at 11am EST, and in Little Rock on 880am (KLRG) at 10am CST.

All Patriots Media is a multi-media platform for original audio and video content that extols the values of freedom, liberty, and capitalism.  It’s goal is to offer a new slate of entertainment and news, and provide an alternative to main stream options. The All Patriots Media Network (APMN) provides content online, and via traditional broadcast means.

For additional information about The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular or All Patriots Media, contact Tony Katz or visit

About Tony Katz:

Tony Katz is a Los Angeles Tea Party organizer and speaker that has helped spearhead the growing movement and navigate its direction.  A proud American and capitalist, Tony Katz is co-founder of Neon Chicken.  He is also a blogger at and the founder of the Freedom Cigar Club.  Katz is also available as a consultant and speaker.

Tony Katz
All Patriots Media

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On The Air…Every Thursday

Every Thursday, at 8am PDT, I will be the guest of TJ McCormack on The World Of TJ McCormack on LA Talk Radio.  I do my first show tomorrow, and look forward to a great conversation with TJ, and with the listeners.  Ask me any question you want by calling the show at 1-323-203-0815,  email me or you can send me a tweet, and I’ll read your question on the air.

Thanks for being so supportive.  I look forward to brewing up some more content in the near future.