Conservative, but not ‘pissed off,’ Indy radio host Tony Katz enters Lafayette market

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – When Tony Katz, at the time doing odd time slots from a home base in Los Angeles, lost a 2013 tryout at Indianapolis radio station WIBC to “The Chicks on the Right,” he said he struck a deal with the management that passed him up.

“I said, ‘Listen, I think we had a good relationship,’” Katz said last week. “‘You’ve got a 9 (p.m.) to midnight slot. Let me do that from Los Angeles, and I’ll do it free.’”

Eight months of that arrangement led to a morning shift on the news and talk station.

“Like I tell people,” Katz said, “now I live in America. … I’m thrilled to call Indianapolis home. I’m thrilled to be building the empire from right here.”

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Tony Katz Goes Syndicated With Addition Of WSHY (104.3 The Patriot)/Lafayette, IN

This article originally appeared in All Access, December 11th 2018:

EMMIS News-Talk WIBC/INDIANAPOLIS host TONY KATZ has entered syndication with the addition of STAR CITY BROADCASTING News-Talk WSHY-A-W282CJ (104.3 THE PATRIOT)/LAFAYETTE, IN, effective JANUARY 7th. 

“The WIBC morning show has been a massive success, and continues to grow.” said KATZ, who hosts mornings and middays at WIBC. “With TONY KATZ TODAY, I’m able to talk about the things that matter most to people across the MIDWEST and across AMERICA. I’m thrilled to be adding THE PATRIOT to the family.”

“TONY KATZ is everything you want in talent.” said THE PATRIOT GM BILLY HUGGINS. “Opinions, common sense with a touch of sarcasm and humor. Best of all he is in our state capital, so we know LAFAYETTE is going to love listening to TONY KATZ!”

EMMIS INDIANAPOLIS Dir./Programming DAVID WOOD added, “I brought TONY in four years ago to build our morning show. He did it in two. Over the past 18 months doing TONY as well, his numbers have only grown. He’s more than ready to be a part of the national landscape. He’s a perfect replacement for LAURA INGRAHAM, or for any daypart.”

KATZ’ TOMORROW MEDIA is distributing the three-hour “TONY KATZ TODAY” show, which is available nationwide via XDS satellite. Find out more at

Tony Katz Tonight Radio Show – Podcast – 11/14/13:Obamacare’s Broken Promises and Broken Fixes, Alec Baldwin’s Gay Hate And Weed

In the aftermath of President Obama’s press conference, how could Tony not discuss the Obamacare fix that Obama proposed. Have questions? So does Tony. Questions like, how does the fix get implemented? Who will be in charge of implementing it? Does the President have the authority to make this change? What planet is this administration living on?

And Alec Baldwin makes news again, by being the same guy he always is. And Tony has an on-air epiphany on why it is every time Baldwin yells at a photographer, he also screams out an anti-gay slur.

Finally, there was a lot of talk about weed. Also known as pot, marijuana or Mary Jane. But Tony got a much bigger lesson from newly minted contributor Don the Weed Guy, and the chatroom, who showed him a whole world of weed choices and weed prices.

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Hour One

Hour Two

Hour Three

The Radio Show Goes Five Days A Week For Tony Katz


Today, my new radio program, Tony Katz Tonight, begins on 93.1FM WIBC in Indianapolis. The show is a mix of politics and comedy, with live callers, guests and plenty of scotch.

It’s a departure from the weekend show on 97.1 FM News Talk KFTK in St. Louis, which focused much more on straight politics. Tony Katz Tonight offers even a deeper, funnier look into culture and media. TKT will also have more guests, and more in studio guests, as we’ve redone our Los Angeles studios to accommodate guests from Hollywood, music, politics and sports.

I hope you’ll join us tonight, and every night, and or right here at Be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Stacy Washington Fills In For Tony Katz on FM News Talk 97.1

An update for May 4th, 2013:

Hey, everyone. Be sure to listen to the show today (Saturday, May 4th) Stacy Washington will be sitting in the chair for me today. You can hear the show by clicking this link!

I am on location in Cincinnati, supporting The Cure Starts Now and the DIPG Collaborative, which is working towards a cure for terminal pediatric brain cancer. You can learn more about them by watching the video below. Please share the video below as well.

Enjoy the show! Oh, and be sure to be here on Wednesday, May 8th at 6pmET. My newest venture, Tony Katz Tonight, tapes its pilot – and streams here live!


Another Liberal Radio Station Folds Because Of Money

In December, I reported on liberal talk station WVKO in Ohio, which went dark because they did not receive the kind of financial support they needed from advertisers and listeners. The station went so far as to blame the Obama campaign for not doing more advertising. Now, another liberal station calls it quits – and revenue is again to blame.

According to, Reno, NV liberal talk station KJFK announced that it will go dark on March 18th. (A screen shot of the announcement is posted below.) The line-up is a who’s who of left leaning hosts, including Thom Hartmann, Leslie Marshall and now MSNBC weekend mascot Ed Schultz. The problem? The money: (emphasis mine)

Given the volume of rhetoric dispensed on-air from “the other side”, we felt it vital to remain on-the-air through the 2012 General Election, despite the fact that KJFK has operated at a loss of thousands of dollars a month. Since we launched the station with an appearance by Al Franken in 2005, when nearly 500 people joined us at the Atlantis for now Senator Franken’s appearance just days after we hit the air, we’ve known a passionate audience has been with us all along. Unfortunately, this station was never able to generate the revenue necessary to sustain, and we simply cannot absorb the financial loss any longer.

Yes, the market is to blame. The station could not generate revenue. According to, KJFK was among the bottom of the ratings in the city. It’s Fall 2012 Arbitron share was a 1.7, compared with juggernaut talk station KKOH, which enjoyed a 8.8 share in the same time period. The KKOH line-up includes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Mark Levin.

The market isn’t to blame. It simply holds up a mirror to reality. A station that operates at a loss of “thousands of dollars a month” should close. When, after 8 years, you are unable to find “the revenue necessary to sustain” the station, the mirror doesn’t lie. Progressive talk works on TV, where no one ever asks a tough question of the host (kind of like the Obama Administration.)

However, when forced to deal with the real world, liberal talk doesn’t sell. (Which is exactly why liberals are so keen on the Fairness Doctrine. And yes, expect its unfortunate comeback.) Leftist radio doesn’t move an audience. There is not enough return for sponsors and advertisers. Even in a country where Democrats control the Presidency and the Senate, the market tells the tale.  Angry, nasty hosts like Bill Press and Mike Malloy (also on the now-defunct station) don’t create radio that people want.

Audiences aren’t buying liberal radio, because the product isn’t worth it.




Liberal Talk Station Folds; Blames Obama Campaign, Lack Of Like-Minded Financial Support

Talkers Magazine, and, required reading for those in the radio world, announced today that WVKO, a small station utilizing a progressive talk format, will cease operations because of a lack of support from the like-minded community.

Their website reads as a cross between a sweet goodbye letter, and a double-crossed lover doing their best not to boil your bunny: (emphasis mine)

“It is with great sadness I must inform WVKO’s listeners that once again, Progressive Talk will be silenced on the Columbus airwaves. Our one-year lease on the station is about to expire, and at this time there is no way that we can continue operating the station. So as of midnight on Sunday, December 16th, the new operators will be airing a gospel format on WVKO. Once again, we had a good run with the station, and we were happy to in some small way contribute to the success that the Democrats enjoyed in November.

Unfortunately, it was not a two-way street, and lack of advertising support from the Obama campaign all the way down to local races ensured that we will be unable to continue into the new year.

I put my time, money, heart and soul into doing what I believed to be important for the country, but those who benefited most from our efforts chose to spend their campaign dollars elsewhere.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….Well, we can’t get fooled again. Also, a number of advertisers who supported the station in the past chose to turn their backs on us this time. I can’t say why, since they would not return our calls. I want to thank our advertisers, supporters and you the listeners for everything, and i hope that Progressive Talk can somehow return to Columbus in the future.”

If a progressive talk station can’t get community support after November, when will they ever get support? Or, as they advocate about birth control and abortion, should radio just be free?

Nothing is ever free. Someone must pay to keep the lights on. WVKO proves a key component of Capitalism – where there is no market support, no product can be sold.

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I wanted to make mention of our new page on Facebook for The Tony Katz Radio Show.  Over the course of the next weeks, months and years, I’ll be working on creating more ways to engage our growing audience on and off line.

Though the year is not over, it’s been a very productive 2011.  We’ve exceeded the majority of our goals over the past year, and have learned of many areas that need improvement and opportunities that we are letting pass us by.  One of those is finding even more ways for us to talk to each other.  I’m correcting that now.

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Off to Arizona

I’m all packed, and I am hitting the road to participate in the Buy Arizona! Now Weekend.  It’s going to be a great time.  Not only is the weekend going to be a blast, but I will be doing my show live from two different cigar bars.

On Thursday, June 3rd, join me at the Scottsdale Cigar Club.  On Friday, June 4th, join me at Oggie’s Cigars.  Both are in Scottsdale, and both offer great deals, and a comfortable place to sit, relax, smoke and talk.

Come join me at either place.  Let me know you are coming!  Find me on Twitter or Facebook.  Also, if you can’t make the weekend, be sure to support an Arizona business and buy the t-shirt!  Designed and printed in Arizona, on shirts made in the USA!  Your friends will be jealous.  Oh yes, they will be jealous.

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See you in Arizona!

A Very Special Radio Spectacular

It’s like a very special “Blossom”, except we don’t have anyone going “Whoa!” every 30 seconds.  From

Tony Katz, host of The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular, is doing two shows today.  First, he is doing a special show at the studios of KCAA in the Inland Empire to get ready for the big debut on Monday.  This was meant to be a test run, but Tony wants to do it live, and interact with the audience.  You can listen to the show at 11am PST at  You can call in at 909-888-5222.

On Monday, KCAA joins the rest of the Spectacular line up at 3pm PST, where it is heard on 1340AM WTAN in Tampa Bay, 880AM KLRG in Little Rock and around the world on

So, on Monday, we are on three stations, coast to coast.  Exciting times, indeed.