Tony Katz on Fox News: Will President Trump Declare a National Emergency, and What Is Gov. Ralph Northam Doing?

Tony Katz appeared on America’s News Headquarters to discuss the President’s options on the border. He spoke with Molly Line about the decisions President Trump has to make.

They also discussed the growing controversy around Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam and the racist photos on his medical school yearbook page. This interview took place before the Northam press conference.

The Lawful Citizens and SB 1070

When the Los Angeles City Council decided to boycott Arizona because of SB 1070, also known as the Arizona Immigration Law, it did not sit well with miillons of people across the country, and with many here in Los Angeles.

It didn’t sit well that the Council was taking their eye off the prize, which should be making LA a better place to live. It should be about the Council dealing with gangs. It should be about the Council fixing the sidewalks, and working towards infrastructure needs for the next 50 years. It should be about the Council not overspending, not allowing others to overspend and not allowing the State of California to abuse the people of LA in regards to the state’s embarrassing spending habits, and poor mismanagement of funds.

In boycotting Arizona, the LA City Council stopped making it about all the people of Los Angeles, and started making it about race. As if illegal immigration was ever about race.

The racist argument is used by the lesser of men. Those without the capacity to engage in conversation, and those without the desire to recognize the reality. The racist argument is a red herring by political hacks like LA City Council members Ed Reyes, Janice Hahn and Dennis Zine. By San Francisco Mayor Gaving Newsome, and Oakland Vice-Mayor Ignacio De La Fuente. By MSNBC, and the Daily Kos.

Americans oppose illegal invaders. We never asked, and never cared about their color, their sex, religion, their ethnicity, which baseball team they liked, if they enjoy long walks on the beach or what their favorite ice cream flavor is. Americans stop at the word illegal. For the lawful citizen, there is nothing more to talk about.

The racist argument is used by those who want to claim exploitation. Yet, we know that the exploiting is done when you allow illegals in the country, using them as cheap labor. Fine the employers who do so, is what the lawful citizens say. Stop the exploitation of other human beings, is what the lawful citizens say. The Statists (of all colors, creeds and sexes) want the open border, and the continued exploitation of people. The lawful citizens care far more for people.

The racist argument is used by those who want to claim that California is a part of Mexico, illegally obtained and invaded. Yet, we know that California is part of the United States, and will remain so. We know that every conversation about illegality of California is a diversion to let more illegals across the border; a human invasion to bring about Cloward-Piven strategies, and to increase the votes for Statists. Every lawful citizen knows that those who favor, engage in and support the activities of illegals are working against the interests of the United States. The lawful citizens care far more for America, and its proven way of life.

The racist argument will be used in Los Angeles, when we gather to protest the LA City Council for boycotting Arizona, in which they have taken away $7.7 million in contracts from Arizona business owners and employees. Yet, we know that business owners and employees don’t write laws and pass laws. They work hard, provide for their families, enrich their communities and pay their taxes. Every lawful citizen knows that these boycotts, in LA and around the country, are random, indiscriminate, violent attacks against the lawful citizens by the political hack class. The politicians who boycott do not care about people who wish to live their lives in peace. Rather, they see a chance to exploit the workers and the employers. Using them as pawns, so they can gain political points with their constituencies, hundreds and possibly thousands of miles away. The politicians will then raise money for their future campaigns by exploiting these employers and employees. The lawful citizens care far more for the lawful citizens of Arizona, and will not be intimidated by the politically correct political class.

Protest the LA City Council. Protest in your own city if they have boycotted Arizona. You are not alone. The lawful citizens of the United States of America are with you.