252 – More Examples Of Political Violence, ESPN Learns Their Political Lesson and Wasn’t President Trump Supposed To Hate Gay People?

Tony Katz has more examples of violence in today’s politics. A GOP campaign manager was attacked in Nevada by a man who was arrested earlier this year for attacking the press secretary for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

President Trump has nominated an openly gay man to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. What? Did you think he hated gay people?

ESPN may have learned their lesson about politics and programming, and a caravan of people from Honduras and other countries is allegedly making its way to the United States.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 4/18/14 – White People Not Welcome

Western Washington University is looking to improve their university by not having as many white people as part of their student body. As Tony discusses, this is no way to run a university, and does nothing to make students smarter or better able to handle their future.

Plus, producer Ashley makes some tough choices on her early childhood crushes.

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It’s Official: Everyone Thinks This Term Is Awful

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For conservatives, nothing prepared us for the horror and sadness of watching President Obama begin to dismantle the Republic in his first term. Out of control spending and business-killing regulations, culminating in the monstrosity of ObamaCare, polarized the nation.

But less than a year into his second term, Obama has become the “Great Uniter” Chris Matthews predicted. Now it’s not just conservatives who think he’s a disaster.

Americans will take a lot of crap. I mean, we accepted Star Wars Part One (which was worse, Annakin or Jar-Jar? Comments below.)  We dealt with Kevin Federline’s rapping. We even suspended disbelief when NBC told us Chelsea Clinton would develop into real journalist. We did those things together. These were happy times for America, really.

But not even liberals can put up with Obama’s arrogance, or total disregard for America’s ability to use their eyes. How else to explain the Obama State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki’s insistence that Secretary John Kerry was not on his boat yacht one percenter recreational cruising vessel while the Egyptian military was staging a coup?

America – But Ms. Psaki! We have pictures of Secretary Kerry on his One Percenter Recreational Cruising Vessel!

Jen Psaki – Don’t care.

America – But?

Jen Psaki – Wasn’t him. Wasn’t there. You’re a racist! Tin Foil hat! Grassy knoll! Next question.

Kerry’s disinterest, and Psaki’s attempt to cover it up, are merely the most recent manifestations of the Obama administration’s lack of foreign policy principles, let alone a comprehensive plan. (When asked for comment on his lead diplomat’s curious level of incuriousness about Egypt, Obama said, “Wait a minute. Let me just hit this shot. I’m so gonna birdie this bitch!”)

Politico has come to the same conclusion, stating:

Establishment Democrats, never big fans of this president to begin with, are starting to speak out. And reporters are tripping over themselves to condemn lies, bullying and shadiness in the Obama administration.

Obama’s biggest cheerleader paid political operative, MSNBC, has had its worst ratings in years. You’d think the whole channel was nothing but hour after hour of Piers Morgan interviewing Piers Morgan! The lies are so clear, and the people so upset about being duped, that they can’t bear to be told one more lie. Because, no matter what they hear, they know they’re being lied to.

Post-racial President? Lie. Transparent President? Lie. Smartest President Ever? Lie. We will be respected around the world? Lie. Nobel Peace Prize for what he might do? Lie. Obamacare will reduce costs? Lie.

On Obamacare, Obama and Co. have admitted through their actions that it doesn’t work. The mandate for employers has been pushed to 2015. And those who qualify for state-run exchanges no longer have to prove eligibility. As Michael Walsh put it, ““Stated income” may be no good in the mortgage market any more after it crashed the system, but apparently it’s good enough for the Obama bureaucracy, whose faith in the honesty of the mendicant citizenry is touching if historically misplaced.”

For years the Right has said that the Obama Administration was thuggish, was hell bent on revenge, and was vindictive.

The IRS scandal was perhaps the tipping point. At first, The Left tried claimed that not just conservative and tea party groups, but progressives as well had been targeted. But, as the Inspector General’s report showed, that was not the case. Obama’s minions attacked Americans who disagreed with him. The Left knows they voted for hate.

Obama is not the man (messiah) they thought he was. The Left was blinded by his skin color and duped by mainstream media.

But now they know he lies. And now they know he surrounds himself with sycophants, ready and willing to lie for him, in poetry and prose.

Lets not let them ever forget it.

The Truth Is Progressive Kryptonite

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Scandal-Palooza is not going away, and the mainstream media has proved that it will pay some attention to it (we love you, Sheryl Attkisson and we stand with you, James Rosen!) But realizing that their ideological standard-bearers are in serious trouble (along with their future election victories), progressives are going out of their way to defend the indefensible. There is no depth to which the progressive won’t sink in pushing their beliefs and attacking non-believers.

The rational person looks at the IRS scandal with disgust. The idea that an administration would use a government agency to attack Americans is repugnant. Hell, it’s un-American! It’s the stuff of banana republics — or perhaps a Matt Damon film. But that is no deterrent for the progressive.

In Colorado, people signed a giant card to thank the IRS for targeting Tea Party groups. One could assume that it was those dreaded “low information voters” who didn’t know any better. But that’s not it. Low information voters think Benghazi is a salve for sore muscles. Signing a thank you card to the IRS for harassing Americans is proof of progressivism’s mental decay.

And did anyone else see the Lois Lerner disaster — her testimony — to the House Oversight committee? Before hiding behind the 5th amendment (which is very legal and, as Kurt Schlichter points out, paints her as the, “[p]oster child for the rampant corruption and petty tyranny,”) she lectured the committee about her innocence. Only a progressive can lecture people about their greatness, and then refuse to answer questions about their said greatness. Ok, progressives and Meghan McCain….but I repeat myself.

Progressive Guru Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took to the NBC’s Meet The Press to defend potential (probable?) perjurer Attorney General Eric Holder. Schumer voiced support for both Holder and President Obama, and claimed that there is not a “scintilla” of evidence to show that Holder perjured himself regarding the warrants (signed by Holder to dig for information on Fox News reporter James Rosen):

“There have been all kinds of accusations, but I haven’t seen anything that would prevent him from doing his job,” Schumer said. “Obviously if there’s wrongdoing we should find out who did it, but the president has confidence in Holder and I believe he’s going to stay.”

“I don’t think there’s perjury,” Schumer said. “I don’t think any good criminal lawyer would say there’s a scintilla of evidence of perjury.

Of course not! No shred of evidence….except for the signature on the warrant. Aside from that, no evidence exists whatsoever. And, of course, no good criminal lawyers say there is any evidence either. Especially any lawyer who ever thought about being a judge or running for office as a Democrat one day. Nudge Nudge. Wink Wink. Say No More!

The sickness of progressivism is that there’s never a moment where they rightfully purge their ranks. The progressive feels neither guilt nor shame. Thus, they can’t state basic facts like, “I disagree with what Lois Lerner did, and whoever told her to do it.”

Admitting the truth is shunned by progressivism. If a progressive should dare even try (see: Juan Williams) they are in danger of losing their place in the collective. Instead, we get defenders who swoop in to make sure no damage is done. They don’t look to move away from the obviously disgusting and criminal, they move to console it or find political advantage in it.

The truth is their bottom. And they will do anything not to reach it.

Liberal Talk Station Folds; Blames Obama Campaign, Lack Of Like-Minded Financial Support

Talkers Magazine, and, required reading for those in the radio world, announced today that WVKO, a small station utilizing a progressive talk format, will cease operations because of a lack of support from the like-minded community.

Their website reads as a cross between a sweet goodbye letter, and a double-crossed lover doing their best not to boil your bunny: (emphasis mine)

“It is with great sadness I must inform WVKO’s listeners that once again, Progressive Talk will be silenced on the Columbus airwaves. Our one-year lease on the station is about to expire, and at this time there is no way that we can continue operating the station. So as of midnight on Sunday, December 16th, the new operators will be airing a gospel format on WVKO. Once again, we had a good run with the station, and we were happy to in some small way contribute to the success that the Democrats enjoyed in November.

Unfortunately, it was not a two-way street, and lack of advertising support from the Obama campaign all the way down to local races ensured that we will be unable to continue into the new year.

I put my time, money, heart and soul into doing what I believed to be important for the country, but those who benefited most from our efforts chose to spend their campaign dollars elsewhere.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….Well, we can’t get fooled again. Also, a number of advertisers who supported the station in the past chose to turn their backs on us this time. I can’t say why, since they would not return our calls. I want to thank our advertisers, supporters and you the listeners for everything, and i hope that Progressive Talk can somehow return to Columbus in the future.”

If a progressive talk station can’t get community support after November, when will they ever get support? Or, as they advocate about birth control and abortion, should radio just be free?

Nothing is ever free. Someone must pay to keep the lights on. WVKO proves a key component of Capitalism – where there is no market support, no product can be sold.

Tony Katz on Town Hall: Leftists Take Steps To Prevent You From Learning Anything

Here is my latest article on The Breitbart organization stayed true to Andrew’s words and has begun the process of “vetting” President Obama, including releasing a video of Obama as a college student at Harvard introducing with high praise a radical professor. The Left has immediately denounced the video as racist, and the editors of as “clowns.” Tony is asking; Why is the Left so intellectually uncurious?:

Vetting Obama: Leftists Take Steps To Prevent You From Learning Anything

In partial fulfillment of Andrew Breitbart’s promise to “vet” the President this time, the team posted a video of President Barack Obama as a law student at Harvard. It also ran on Hannity tonight. The video shows the young Obama asking his fellow law students to “Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.”

Professor Derrick Bell, the object of young Obama’s adoration, was an associate of Reverend Jeremiah Wright and a committed radical. Bell was a proponent of Critical Race Theory, which views virtually all relationships through a lens of perceived race-based oppression.

As Ben Shapiro wrote on about Bell:

“This is a close associate of Jeremiah Wright, a man who was quoted by Jeremiah Wright regularly. This is a man who posited that the civil rights movement was too moderate because it accepted the status quo, and believed that the entire legal and constitutional system had to be transformed in radical fashion. This is a man so extreme that, as we’ve reported, he wrote a story in 1993 in which he posited that white Americans would sell black Americans into slavery to aliens to relieve the national debt, and that Jews would go along with it.”

(That story became a video, complete with former President Ronald Reagan as the slave trading alien.)

An edited version of the video – minus the section in which Obama heaps praise on Professor Bell – was posted earlier on the Leftists and Obama apologists dismissed the video as inconsequential and racist. Eric Boehlert of Media Matters for America tweeted:

Boehlert can’t argue with the video’s content; after all, it documents actual events. Instead, he resorts to the standard Alinsky tactic of ridiculing the messenger. He doesn’t begin to address whether Obama’s association with Bell should have been revealed before the 2008 election.

Shapiro reports what Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree, a close associate to the Obama campaign, had to say about hiding the tape during the 2008 campaign: “We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign. I don’t care if they find it now.”

Isn’t watchdog Boehlert curious about why a tape would be hidden by the campaign? Exactly what does interest a Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America?

The liberal website couldn’t wait to recycle the Racer script. Slade Shomer, whose column is predictably entitled ‘What’s the Right-Wing End Game of This ‘Racist Obama’ College Days Video?’ lacks even the slightest curiosity about Obama’s association with Bell and why the ’08 Obama campaign wanted it hidden. Instead, keeping with true intellectually dishonest tradition, Shomer plays the race card: (emphasis mine)

While everyone fights this out in partisan terms via Twitter and their websites, we’ll instead ask a more pragmatic question: What is the end game here? Let’s even say there’s more footage that shows Obama standing there in a shirt that reads “Kill Whitey.” Let’s say he professes his deep hatred of Caucasians and says Jeremiah Wright didn’t go far enough. What then? Hasn’t this man been President of the United States for more than three years and white people as we know them are still hangin’ around?

What was Breitbart, and now (editor-in-chief Joel) Pollak and Shapiro, trying to prove exactly? How does digging up 20-year-old video change anything? There’s only one goal here, and that’s to stoke white fear. It’s almost as if the people promoting a “damning” video and the people who want to believe it most are legitimately scared that a racist, classist Barack H. Obama will wipe white people off the map … in his second term.

Certainly we all acknowledge that class warfare is a major component of Obama’s re-election campaign strategy. It’s not scary, just dishonest and destructive. But how does the release of this video stoke white fear? The assertion is as ludicrous as it is ignorant (assuming Mr. Shomer actually believes his bizarre allegations).

Try as they might, the video is out and the conversation is being had. Just exactly what do we know about President Obama? Does this video change our minds about him leading up to Election Day? If there is one video, are there others? Who is Derrick Bell, and what do we know about him?

These are just some of the legitimate questions that Eric Boehlert and Shomer, and their fellow Leftists and Apologists, will never ask, and would prefer you didn’t either.