“Mayor Pete” Doesn’t Miss His Moment To Attack Indiana

The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttegieg, is gaining in popularity. The Democrat has launched a long-shot run for President of the United States, and has gotten some good traction.

However, as Tony Katz notes, that traction comes at the expense of Indiana.

Like Indiana media did during the RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) conversation, Buteegieg didn’t miss a moment to try and elevate himself while attempting to put down Hoosiers. Yet his own story about winning re-election, after coming out as gay, with 80% of the vote proves the lack of bigotry in the state. So why is he p;aying into the disgusting stereotype that Hoosiers are bigots?

Is that how you win the presidency? Insult your home state?

280 – White Women Wish For Wokeness, LeBron the Activist has A Lot To Learn and Mitt Romney Swings Wildly At Trump

The Women’s March in Eureka, CA has been cancelled, because of too many white women. Tony Katz breaks down the progressive cannibalism that is the very concept of “wokeness.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is running for President. And Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inauguration speech shows that he’s running as well. Unfortunately for him, the speech is just awful. Sen-Elect Mitt Romney takes President Trump’s character to task. Unfortunately for him, his Washington Post op-ed doesn’t do him any favors.

LeBron James may be the best basketball player in the world, and he might be the best who ever played the game. But activist LeBron James has a lot to learn.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 3/21/14 – Voting For Hillary Only Because She’s a Woman

Radio host Tony Katz talks about a Gallup Poll that shows two out of 10 respondents said they will vote for Hillary Clinton for President just because they want the first woman president. They are more interested in her gender than they are in her foreign policy experience, transparent government or healthcare.

That’s not how you elect a president. And, as Tony says, it’s why we can’t have nice things in America.

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The Senate Should Be The Focus, Not 2016

A weekend removed from the Conservative Political Action Conference, and people are still buzzing away that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) won the CPAC presidential straw poll. He got a third of the vote and nearly triple the votes of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) — man, he’s got the momentum!

Why is anyone thinking about 2016 right now?

There are a wide array of potential candidates for 2016. Sens. Paul, Cruz, and Marco Rubio are on the list. Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. Mitt Romney (wait, what?) are also being talked about.

Even Sen. Rick Santorum is on the list. Gov. Jeb Bush? He’s on the list whether his mother likes it or not. And let’s not forget Gov. Nikki Haley, Gov. Sarah Palin and Gov. Susanna Martinez, potential women nominees.

Winning the CPAC straw poll may be nice, and might help you generate a few more campaign contributions, but it’s meaningless. How do I know? Because if Sen. Paul’s father had been on the ballot, he would have won the CPAC Straw Poll! He did in 2010 and 2011. Romney won it in 2012, along with 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Nice indicator of things to come.

If the conservative movement (that is, to say, everyone in America joined in the one basic truth that Obamacare is awful and has to be fixed/changed/eradicated) is going to be a serious movement, than it must engage an exemplary amount of focus over the next nine months — all of that focus being on winning the Senate.

Republicans need to win six seats to control the Senate and make Sen. Harry Reid go truly nuclear. Political analyst Larry Sabato, at his Crystal Ball website, has it 49-48 in favor of Republicans, with three toss-up states — North Carolina, Louisiana and Alaska.

Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) is getting destroyed in the polls, and there’s no end in sight. Why? She, too, told the Obamacare line of “like your plan/keep your plan.” The people of North Carolina are pretty upset with that clear and blatant lie. A recent poll has her at 33 percent approve/49 percent disapprove of her job performance.

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) has the same Obamacare woes. Luckily for her, she was just named Chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. That’s a big fancy title for a senator in a state where energy (see oil and gas) make up the bulk of the jobs and $60 billion to the Louisiana economy. Too bad she’s a progressive, and progressives hate oil and gas. Better she was Chairman of the Bird-killing Windmill Committee.

But, the senator does have a history of voting in favor of energy independence, including voting for Keystone XL. Are we sure she’s a Democrat? Oh, that’s right — Obamacare. Yeah, we’re sure.

Alaska has Sen. Mark Begich (D), who also sees a tough road ahead with his vote for Obamacare. According to Americans for Tax Reform, Sen. Begich’s Obamacare vote will cost Alaska 6,000 jobs. Left-leaning Public Policy Polling, Begich has 43/44 favorable/unfavorable rating in the state. President Obama has a 35/58 rating. Those are not numbers one wants to be associated with.

Even with all the attacks she has taken over the last six years, Sarah Palin has a better favorable rating than the President. Fifty percent of respondents also said they voted for Mitt Romney instead of Barack Obama.

Of the 49 seats Sabato says are Republican, three are actually “leaning” Republican — Montana, Arkansas and West Virginia. So, there’s your six seats to focus on. Six seats to change the course of America’s push towards obscurity. Six seats that should, if your serious about winning, have all of your attention.

Or we can talk about straw polls. Because, after all, they mean so much. Right, Rep. Bachmann?

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President Obama – A Coward On The Subject Of Race

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Back in 2009, newly-installed Attorney General Eric Holder called America “a nation of cowards” on matters of race. Based on the President’s unannounced remarks on the Zimmerman case (the absence of a Teleprompter doesn’t mean the speech was impromptu, despite Jay Carney’s insistence that it was), Holder had it right, at least with regard to Barack Obama.

After announcing through his press secretary that he would make no statement about the Zimmerman’s trial (or, as MSNBC and Media Matters describe it, how the angry, fat, disgusting white guy stalked, hunted and killed the angelic child Trayvon, then used his white privilege power to get the all-white jury to find him not guilty, even though he’s not white), Obama spoke about the Zimmerman trial. He spoke in the Press briefing room, surrounded by sycophants. And to ensure that no one exposed him, the President took no questions.

With studied sincerity, the President claimed that he had experienced discrimination because of the color of his skin. That he had seen women clutch their purses in his presence. That he had seen them hold their breath in the elevator. That 35 years ago, he had been Trayvon (fact: 35 years ago, Obama attended an elite Hawaiian prep school). The President delivered the story his (bought-and-paid-for) base wanted to hear.

The President spoke of how important it is to have a dialog about race in America. Fine. But race wasn’t a factor in the case. The FBI said race was not a part of it. The jury said race was not a part of it. Trayvon’s mother said race was not a part of it. The Martin family lawyer said race was not a part of it. So essentially the President exploited the case for his own political purposes (see 2014).

Nor was Florida’s Stand Your Ground statute a part of the trial in any way. Zimmerman in fact waived his right to make that claim.

Presidents have used the bully pulpit to explain the case for war, to heal a nation after national disaster and to rally Americans (of all races!) to find and engage their life’s purpose. For those who have never seen it under Obama, these are examples of leadership and courage.

Checking the temperature of the nation before making a statement, mis-characterizing the case entirely, claiming to have been the object of racial discrimination, and doing all of it in the womb of White House press briefing room; is there anything more cowardly than that?

Cain Press Conference – First Thoughts

On Tuesday, November 8th, presidential candidate Herman Cain held a press conference in Phoenix, Arizona to address the growing “scandal” of alleged sexual harrasment. Most recently, a fourth woman – Sharon Bialek – has stated that, when approaching Cain for help securing a job 14 years ago, Cain attempted to force her into a sexual act or relationship.

While Cain has stated that he would no longer address the issue, the latest charges from Bialek, flanked by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, have forced his hand, and forced this latest press conference. Here are my first thoughts:

Cain appears on camera with a lawyer, Lin Wood, who takes the podium first. If Herman Cain is trying to show America that he is taking these charges “head on,” he has started on the wrong foot, using a lawyer to protect him. Yes, private citizen Cain is more than entitled to lawyer up, and he is right to seek legal counsel. But this is a press conference to show America that Herman Cain can take on all comers, all “liars” as he has called them. Cain showed up with a human shield. In my view, not a position of strength. Wood has called on the American people to show Cain “fairness.” It is Cain’s job to tell us what happened, and show his strength.  Having your lawyer tell us to be fair is not strong.

Cain takes the podium, and makes mention that he will be reading from notes – something he never does. He also wants to make the strong point that he is taking his message directly to the American people, not through a third party. (This is not necessarily true, considering Wood just left the podium.)

Cain denies the allegation. He claims, clearly, that he did not recognize the woman, nor her name. He is emphatic about this.

The charges, and the accusations, I absolutely reject. They simply did not happen.

And, in a blink of an eye, he pivots into his stump speech.  He starts talking about how the American people are tired of politicians.  He continues that he – nor the American people – won’t allow politics to shake him.  He is also clear that he is not giving up his run for President.

I will not be deterred by false, anonymous, incorrect allegations.

Cain continues on this theme, stating that we can not allow dishonesty to “distract us.”  He also states how tough it has been over the past two weeks.  But, he is ready to do what is tough, and knows that “we will get through this.”

Cain is now discussing the Democrat machine in America.  Cain is going to have to explain this, considering that he has come out on several occasions saying that the Rick Perry camp made the initial leak to Politico, and has considered a lawsuit against Politico.

Cain also invoked his wife, saying that she saw the press conference of Bialek, and that she didn’t think her statement could be accurate.  He also says that his family should be left out of this, and the media should not go after his family. Cain talks about his reputation, and how it took 40 years to build – citing the work he has done with business and employees.

I will vigourosly defend my reputation.

He is now repeating his original statement, that he has “never acted inappropriately” and that what Bialek is suggesting is false.  Cain then opened up the conference to question, and, after the first question from a CBS reporter, states that he would take a lie detector test.  Remember that, because that may be the next big thing.  Will Cain take the test, or won’t he?  In my opinion, that was a huge mistake.

As for the press conference, he did not leave himself any wiggle room.  He has left himself no out of any kind if further charges – with substantiated proof – should come to light.  This entire press conference would have been much better if Cain hadn’t let the lawyer start, and I won’t back away from the fact that it showed weakness.

Cain was, throughout, cool, calm and collected.  As his supporters will say, “Presidential.”  However, what Cain has done is perhaps not what he hoped.  His desire (or so I presume) was to put this behind him, and to show that he is able to take on all comers.  While he clearly, and without any hysterics or over-the-top rhetoric denied the charges, he somewhat laid down the gauntlet – begging people (without necessarily saying so) to prove him wrong.  I’m reminded of Gary Hart….maybe that’s just me.

I look forward to your thoughts about the press conference in the comments.


The Ignorance of NBC

NBC is ignorant.

It is obvious, to anyone willing to pay any type of attention at all, that NBC is nothing more than a mouth-piece for the Obama administration, and, moreover, the Democrat Party.  The resignation of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, who was brought to the light of day by Glenn Beck, and a host of incredible bloggers and researchers, including Michelle Malkin, shows just how strong the will of the American people is.  Once we learned about who Van Jones was, and is now, once we learned about what he has said in the past, and in the past 8 months, once we saw what kind of people President Obama was placing in high-level positions outside the purview of Senate approval, we – the American people – said no.

The removal of Van Jones was about finding information, and disseminating that information.  Twitter, Facebook, blogs, emails and a dose of Fox News – that’s what it took to get the word out on Van Jones.  The removal of Van Jones shows the new “force-to-be-reckoned-with” in the United States – We The People.  The Obama Administration never prepared for this.  They probably don’t event understand how it’s possible.  They thought that they alone controlled the American people.  Obviously, they don’t quite yet know what Charles Krauthammer explained to all of us in a column just today.  Obama is mortal.  He is not superior….he’s just a man.  Maybe now they understand that the American people will not be controlled.  They will not be servants to the President, no matter what celebrity shows up in a video.

After the stunning resignation of Van Jones, NBC Washington ran this story with the following headline:

“Obama Aide Van Jones Resigns After GOP Attacks”

What are they talking about?  What GOP attacks?  Who do they think they are fooling? It is now obvious, to anyone willing to pay any type of attention at all, that NBC is beyond just a mouth-piece for the administration.  NBC is ignorant.  They are attempting to spin the resignation as the work of GOP, in order to show the Obama administration as under attack, under siege, in need of pity, in need of support against the big, bad enemy that does not control the House, the Senate or the White House. NBC has given up the ghost of any type of journalism, and instead have resigned themselves to be ignorant shills for the administration, and for the Democrat party.

It’s not enough to explain them as just ignorant, (and they are) it is also important to understand that, with this resignation, and subsequent headline, that they are irrelevant.  NBC, with daily cheerleading of Brian Williams, subsequent cheering from Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, and the “flights of fancy” that attempt to pass themselves off as journalists on MSNBC (Schultz, Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow), was no match for the American people.  NBC spends their days and nights defending the White House, defending Obama, defending the Democrat party.  They use their money, influence, and control, to spin every message they can to distort the reality on the ground.  Want proof?  I refer you to the headline posted above.

Van Jones didn’t resign because of GOP attacks.  (And, so we can be clear, it was Van Jones who has the history of attacking the GOP!!)  Van Jones resigned because the American people demanded it.  The American people were made aware of who he is, what he thinks and what he believes.  They did their own research, and they found out even more.  They spoke up, they spoke loud, they shared information, and they got more people to speak up, and be loud.

Van Jones resigned because NBC and MSNBC are no match for the American people. Yet, NBC thinks Van Jones resigned because of GOP attacks.

NBC is ignorant….and irrelevant.

The Story Of The Statist and the Tonsils

The media basis for Forced Universal Health Care (the concept sold to us via MSM) is simple: health care costs too much.  Doctors are robbing you blind.  Insurance companies are robbing you blind.  Big evil corporations don’t care about you.  You have a right to health care.  Government is the answer.  Government is the way to fix healthcare.  All praise President Obama, for his plan is the right plan.

To ensure that we understand how important health care is, I refer you to President Obama’s July 22nd prime time press conference (his fourth in six months), and his incredibly telling (and tall) tale regarding your child’s tonsils.

The President starts by telling a tale about you having a sore throat.  Then, in a matter of a few seconds, he changes it to your child having a sore throat – repeated sore throats…chronic sore throats. Once he has established the story that will most affect your heart strings, he then gets diabolical, as if he was ghost writing for Stephen King. The President – in a clear voice – then suggests that a doctor will look at the re-imbursement chart, and decide that he can make the most money by taking out your child’s tonsils.  The President continues, saying that this surgery could have been avoided if the doctor, maybe, changed your child’s allergy medicine.  Because, in the President’s made up tale of woe, your child has allergies.

Translation: “Doctors are greedy, scumbag bastards who will slice and dice your beautiful child for a few bucks.  But I, the President, the Hope we have all waited for, and the beautiful Government, won’t let that happen to your beautiful child.  An unnecessary surgery could be avoided if your doctor had listened to a big time Constitutional Law lecturer, instead.”

It is important to remember, throughout this exercise that the President put us through last night, that the scenario Obama laid out has a fatal flaw.  It Isn’t Real!  It’s hyperbole, stacked upon nonsense, with nice sprinkle of “what the hell is he talking about!?!?”  Michelle Malkin referred to it as fear-mongering.  How right she is!

But this is nothing new.  This is the entire strategy of the MSM, and the Statists, laid bare by President Obama.  The strategy is to scare, cajole, and embarrass people into accepting the idea of Forced Universal Healthcare.  The strategy, as of last night’s press conference, now involves making up doomsday scenarios regarding your children to get you to buy into this great lie of Forced Universal Healthcare.  The strategy is to get you to buy in.  For if you buy in, you never realize that this has been forced upon you – which is exactly what the Statist wants.

For the Statist, the worst thing you can do is have a mind.  And not just have a mind, but use your mind.  For the Statist, there is nothing but contempt, hatred and irrefutable loathing for the person who recognizes that they can think for themselves, can see the entire field before them and can rationally explain where things are going, what might happen, and how it will, or won’t work for them.

This is why I will not write about Forced Universal Healthcare, without using the word “Forced.”  This is the defining moment in this debate, and its most insidious.  The idea of forcing me to purchase insurance, and fining me if I don’t, is immoral, it’s disgusting and it’s wrong.  The US Government is getting involved in the kindness business.  They are dictating to me, and to all of us, the terms under which we have to take care of our neighbors.  This administration, and this government, believe their job is to tell me how to be a moral person; that I must care for my fellow man, even if I don’t want to, and by force if necessary.

Is this true?  Sen. Cardin (D-MD) says yes.  In a townhall meeting, he stated, “I just think the overriding public interest is to require you and everyone in this country to have health insurance.”

If it was in the overriding public interest, we’d do it already.  The worst thing, for the Statist, is for you to use your mind.  So, they must work constantly to keep you on their task;  That Forced Universal Healthcare is in the public interest, that doctors are only after profits with no interest in helping your child, that you deserve healthcare, that it should be free to you, that those evil rich people will pay for it.  Just vote for us, and we’ll give you everything you want.

When the country was created, the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to give us liberty.  They were focused on one thing – freedom.  They constructed a constitution that clarified, and quantified our rights.  They recognized the need for government, and the evil that can happen if it goes unchecked.  They gave us three branches of government, and checks and balances.  When Ben Franklin was asked by a woman on the street what kind of government we were going to have, Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  It is obvious that the focus of the Founders was a government of, by and for the people, that was kept in check at all times.

The average life span at the time was 35 years.  They could have been very worried about the need for healthcare for all the new citizens.  They could have written into the constitution multiple provisions regarding government and healthcare, and how the government was to supply doctors and medicine to it’s people, free of charge and on demand.

But they didn’t.  Our forefathers did not risk life and limb, take on a dictatorial king, and then convince a new, fledgling nation to fight and die for a lower deductable. They fought for freedom.  They knew that Forced Universal Healthcare is not the purpose of government.  Government is there to protect our most inalienable rights – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Something the Statist would like you to forget.