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Eat, Drink and Smoke – Episode 19 – Is Fast Food Really Racist? Two Marches, But Only One Gets Coverage and the Florida Sun Grown Cigar

The President invites the Clemson football team to a feast of Big Macs and Whoppers. Is that racist? Tony Katz has the same feast with April D. Gregory and Fingers Malloy to figure it out.

The latest episode of Eat! Drink! Smoke! reviews Prichard’s Tennessee Malt Whiskey and the Florida Sun Grown toro cigar from Drew Estates.

There’s no deal on the shutdown, and the Women’s March took place. So did the March for Life, but you didn’t hear about it…unless you learned that Ben Shaprio lost two sponsors because of his speech.

And a New York restaurant has barred women from sitting at the bar, because they may be confused for hookers.

Quick Hit – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Morality, Facts and How She Wants To Be Judged By You

On 60 Minutes, Dem Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Anderson Cooper that more important than getting the facts right on policy, is that the policy is “morally correct.”

Tony Katz explains how Cortez has opened herself up to an entirely new line of questioning. “Rep. Cortez has done a great job of avoiding criticism and making those who attack her look bad.” says Tony. “But now, she’s let all that go. She doesn’t care about facts, which is exactly the argument progressives make about President Trump. And she has asked people to question whether, morally, her Socialist policies have value; people get to question her morality. I don’t think she realizes what she’s done here.”

267 – Melania Trump wants someone fired, so what’s the big deal? Monica Lewinsky is back in the news. Does anyone really want that?

The Florida recount is a mess. Why? Because it’s not about a recount. It’s about whether or not we count legal votes alone. Tony Katz can’t believe he has to explain this to people, but here we are.

First Lady Melania Trump wants Deputy NSA Mira Ricardel fired because of the way Ricardel treated her staff, and potential leaks the deputy made that were disparaging to the First Lady.

Monica Lewinsky is in the news, making a docu-series about her sexual relationship with former President Bill Clinton. Are we supposed to care? Are we supposed to give Bill a pass? And the military needs serious upkeep.

Tony Katz on FOX News with Dana Perino: Trump Hate Is A Motivator

Tony Katz appeared on The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino to discuss the midterms, and who could possibly be the next Speaker of the House.


265 – CBS News Radio Military Analyst Major Mike Lyons Discusses France, Trump and Military Realities, Griff Jenkins of Fox News Explains The Florida Recount

Tony Katz speaks with CBS News Radio Military Analyst Maj. Mike Lyons about French President Emannuelle Macron’s statement regarding a military force for Europe. Is it possible, or is it ignorant of history? Was President Trump right to be upset with Macron? And what about missing the event at the cemetery?

Griff Jenkins of FOX News reports from Broward County, FL about the recounts underway in the Governor, Senate and Agriculture Secretary races.

260 – One Week From The Midterms, Here’s The Roundup. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Holds Strong And Did Trump Just Say Birthright Citizenship?

The Midterms are a week away; who will win control? Well, according to Tony Katz, no one knows. It looks like the Republicans will keep the Senate, but the House is up for grabs. Perhaps the Kavanaugh Effect has worn off. Perhaps, with early voting, it was enough to hand Republicans control through 2020.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responds firmly to ABC’s Jon Karl and CNN’s Jim Acosta and their accusation that President Trump has not said/done enough after the murder of eleven people in Pittsburgh by an anti-Semite.

And what’s all this about birthright citizenship? And what’s all this about a rise in anti-Semitism in the US?

_(NOTE – I made reference to the Volokh Conspiracy blog, and mentioned it moved from the Washington Post to to it’s home at It was never at 538 Blog. I take full responsibility for the error. My apologies. – Tony)_

259 – The Pittsburgh Shooting Shows The Depths Of The Political Divide, and People Forget About The Lives Lost. Blexit Is Real and A Father/Son Duo Dresses Like Hitler For Halloween

Tony Katz addresses the murder of eleven people in Pittsburgh by an anti-Semite who thought President Trump was controlled by Jews. Immediately, the murders have been politicized, with people blaming President Trump for creating a “toxic” environment. But what about the lives lost, and what about not losing more lives?

Brandon Straka got 5000 people to show up to the WalkAway march. Kanye West is working on BLEXIT; Black Exit….from the Democratic Party. Speaking of, the Indiana Democratic Party is getting very desperate, sending out mailers trying to convince Republicans to vote for the Libertarian candidate.

And a father and his 5 year-old son dressed as Hitler and an SS officer for Halloween. Yeah. We wish we were making that up, too.

254 – Scott Baio Says Roseanne Will Be Back, and Talks Trump The Fighter/Teacher

Actor and producer Scott Baio talked to Tony Katz about the ratings of Roseanne without Roseanne. Will we see her return to the show?

And what has President Trump really given the Republican party? He taught them how to fight. They didn’t talk cigars this time. We’re as shocked as you are.

253 – Is Sen. Sherrod Brown Held To The Kavanaugh Standard Of Guilt and Never Accuse Tony Of Fake Outrage

Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown is being accused of sexual impropriety, based on an accusation (maybe more than one) from many years ago. Tony Katz asks, if we use the Kavanaugh Standard of Guilt, should Brown have to withdraw from his re-election campaign? Is this the world we really want?

The caravan continues to head to the United States from Honduras, and President Trump is putting pressure on Mexico to prevent their entry.

And someone accused Tony of peddling “fake outrage.” Yeah….that didn’t sit well. Mostly because it was nonsense.

252 – More Examples Of Political Violence, ESPN Learns Their Political Lesson and Wasn’t President Trump Supposed To Hate Gay People?

Tony Katz has more examples of violence in today’s politics. A GOP campaign manager was attacked in Nevada by a man who was arrested earlier this year for attacking the press secretary for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

President Trump has nominated an openly gay man to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. What? Did you think he hated gay people?

ESPN may have learned their lesson about politics and programming, and a caravan of people from Honduras and other countries is allegedly making its way to the United States.