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Donald Trump Passes The Kingmaker Test in Ohio – Tony Katz on Newsmax

The Donald Trump endorsement was a big win in the Ohio primary. But where was Trump in Indiana’s primary? All politics are local, and should be treated as such.

The Subway Shooter, Tony Dungy, Disney, and the Death of Gilbert Gottfried — Tony Katz on Newsmax

The Subway Shooter in New York City sparks another gun control debate, despite New York’s ample gun laws. NFL Hall of Famer Tony Dungy supports parental rights and the internet is mad at him. Americans are turning their backs on Disney.

Plus, Comedy takes another hit with the untimely death of Comedy legend, Gilbert Gottfried.

Elections Have Consequences, Now America Is Weak On the Global Stage — Tony Katz on Newsmax

President Biden promised swift and severe sanctions against Putin and Russia, but they were neither swift or severe. We discuss America’s role on the global stage under President Biden.

Plus, is the gas crisis a Russia problem? or a Biden problem?

What Is The State of The Union? What Can Joe Biden Sell America? — Tony Katz on Newsmax

Tony appeared on Newsmax to discuss Biden’s State of The Union address, the state of the US Economy, and the Ukraine response.

Does Biden have a vision of a better country to sell to the American people?

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The People’s Convoy Heads To Washington DC — Tony Katz on Newsmax

Another trucker convoy is headed to Washington D.C. to protest in solidarity with Canada’s Freedom Convoy. The Biden Administration is putting a fence back up around the Capitol to try to keep a separation between them and the “science-denying” “unwashed” masses.

The message here is that the elites don’t want to hear what us peasants have to say.

Democrats Don’t Know What Supporting NATO Allies Means — Tony Katz on Newsmax

President Biden’s approval rating is in the tank over the Russia Ukraine conflict. Will the Democrats bring in Hillary Clinton for 2024? Is she really the best they have?

70% of Democrats are in favor of sending troops to support NATO allies, but what does that mean- dealing with refugees in Poland? or does it mean war action?

Whoopi Goldberg Was Absolutely Wrong About Race and the Holocaust

Tony Katz appeared on Newsmax to discuss host Whoopi Goldberg’s comments on the ABC show “The View” that the Holocaust was not about race. Goldberg was emphatic in her view, and even appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to double down on her incorrect theory. Soon after, she issued an apology. ABC suspended her for two weeks for her comments.

As Tony explains, the Nazis referred to Jews as an inferior race and believed this to be true. “To say that “race” was not a key factor in the hate Nazis had for Jews is just wrong,” said Tony.

Check out the video Newsmax shared of his appearance.

You can see Tony’s full Newsmax appearance HERE:

Fighting the Thanksgiving Lockdown Hypocrisy

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told residents to avoid travel for Thanksgiving, then got on a plane and traveled for Thanksgiving!

Tony Katz spoke with John Bachman of Newsmax and Kristen Tate to discuss the blatant hypocrisy of “leaders” across the country who advocate you stay home while they go out. Tony also explains why Gov. Cuomo should see his 89 year-old mother.