273 – David and Goliath Teaches Us That, At The Southern US Border, Rocks Thrown At Others Can Kill Them. Twitter Cares Nothing For #1A

Tony Katz talks about the migrants who tried to storm the southern border, only to be turned back by tear gas. As was learned, migrants threw rocks at Border Patrol agents. Progressives like former CNN commentator Sally Kohn thinks rocks being thrown are no big deal. Tony breaks down how the anti-Trump zealots try to excuse lies that have no excuse; rocks can kill and have killed, and everyone knows it.

Twitter has made their position clear: The First Amendment ain’t worth a crap. And no, Ellen Barkin, Mississippi is not made up of a bunch of racists.

253 – Is Sen. Sherrod Brown Held To The Kavanaugh Standard Of Guilt and Never Accuse Tony Of Fake Outrage

Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown is being accused of sexual impropriety, based on an accusation (maybe more than one) from many years ago. Tony Katz asks, if we use the Kavanaugh Standard of Guilt, should Brown have to withdraw from his re-election campaign? Is this the world we really want?

The caravan continues to head to the United States from Honduras, and President Trump is putting pressure on Mexico to prevent their entry.

And someone accused Tony of peddling “fake outrage.” Yeah….that didn’t sit well. Mostly because it was nonsense.

Yes. We Are At War With Mexico

Not all of the illegal invaders coming over the border are Mexican. Not all of the illegal invaders coming over the border are old to enough to even know what’s happening to them. Not all of the illegal invaders coming over the border are looking to do Americans harm, nor are they carrying diseases or have gang affiliations. But every illegal invader has gained access through Mexico, and Mexico has allowed the attacks on our border.

It’s clear. We are at war with Mexico.

Drug cartels have long since run amok and with abandon, driving further into US soverign territory. Without regard for life – their own nor anyone else’s – they threaten to kill ranchers and others who live on the border, telling them to look the other way when they engage their drug smuggling operations.

Americans who vacation at places like Fox Lake in Texas have been killed by cartel members, simply for jet skiing on a lake. Arizona has taken to putting up signs, hundreds of miles from the border, telling people to be careful, to not pick up hitchhikers and – literally – warning Americans not to travel on American soil. Signs in the area read:

Recently, a Mexican helicopter crossed into US soverign territory and fired two shots at Border Patrol agents. When the copter landed, the pilot apologized. US Marine Andrew Tahmoreesi apologized, yet he still sits in a Mexican jail; the first POW of the war.

Americans being threatened. Americans unable to move freely in their own country. Americans being fired upon. POW’s. America is at war with Mexico.

Yet, America stands motionless, accepting without strong rebuke 50,000 children and others – toddlers, the infirm, the sick – who are used as weapons in the fight for America’s money.

Inscribed at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty is a poem by Emma Lazarus. It reads:

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

How true, and how America has; accepting those who search for the American Dream and what that dream entails. What we see now, however, are not the dreamers that worked their way into the fabric of America, helping to sustain it while building it.

No longer is there the push for the American Dream, where people work to acheive their piece of the pie. Rather, the push into America is driven by America’s Free Things – healthcare, social security and food stamps amongst them. In the dream of America’s Free Things, the pie is free.

To be sure, they are driven by those who wish to do harm to the US – politically, economically and socially – by attempting to erase the standards by which a nation can prosper.

America is at war with Mexico, and must react strongly and swiftly to ensure the peace of Americans in the border states and throughout the Union. America must end the free flow of earned dollars to those who did not earn it; we must tell those who try to invade, “No. You get nothing.”

It is not rude nor cruel nor indecent to say “No.” It is, truly, the most humanitarian thing that can be done. If rules are not followed, if boundaries are not set, if standards are not applied and then held to (and held up!) what, possibly, can follow but lawlessness and danger? If we do not say “No,” how do we do anything more than enable the worst of feelings – shame and humiliation?

Giving the free things, and not saying “No,” reinforces the uncivil doctrine that they – the illegal invader – are not good enough. That’s why they resort to breaking the law. That’s why they think they should be able to demand free things. That’s why the buyinto the lies of Progressives.

They have never been told “No.” That their path is not one of graft and gimmes and handouts and begging and mediocrity. Their path involves work and sacrifice. Their path involves desire and sweat. Their path will only become clear when they fix their home nations – whether the problems be crime, cronyism, poverty or drugs, or a mix of those deadly diseases.

When we don’t say “No,” we are telling them that they are not smart enough nor good enough to better their lives. We are telling them that they are too dumb to do it on their own.

And what do we tell our own citizens when the invaders come (or, worse, dropped on our doorstep, as 50,000 children have?) That they must pay? That they must acquiesce? That they must submit and accept what is happening to them? To their children? To their nation?

Americans don’t accept, don’t submit and will not acquiesce. This is war. And we must prove once again that we are not afraid to fight. We, the ones yearning to breath free, still.

This article was originally posted at Townhall.