Nathan Phillips Is Worse Than You Know

Nathan Phillips was not attacked by the students of Covington Catholic High School. While media outlets around the nation tried to sell that story, the clear and unedited video proves this untrue.

What is true, says Tony Katz, is that Phillips is a liar. Phil Kerpen of American Commitment joins Tony to discuss the real story of Phillips: he lied about serving in Vietnam. He also has a history of aggressive behavior, and inserting himself into bad situations.

So why did media continue to push the lie that Phillips himself was attacked/accosted/insulted? And will any media correct the record?

Media Would Rather Attack Children Than Apologize

The Covington Catholic students have been attacked relentlessly. So-called “journalists,” media commentators and elected officials – never mind the rabid throngs on social media – have unloaded vicious and violent sentiments towards these kids.

Tony Katz thinks its important to remember that they are kids.

“When kids were murdered in Parkland, FL, and the high-profile students became cable news fixtures, I reminded people that you may disagree with what they are saying, about guns and the Second Amendment,” says Tony. “But they are kids. Remember that.”

“Yet, when it comes to Covington Catholic students, media professionals and elected officials seem to think they are fair game for violence and vitriol based on lies. They’re not. It’s just wrong, and they’re wrong.”

276 – VICE Proves Media Doesn’t Love Bush and Lena Dunham Lied About Rape, Blames Men For Making Her Do It

The movie VICE, about Vice-President Dick Cheney, received multiple Golden Globe nominations. It also portrays VP Cheney as a monster and President George W. Bush as a fool. As Tony Katz notes, this is how you know that all the love given by media towards the late President George H.W. Bush is, unfortunately, affect and not affection.

Lena Dunham is a liar. A male friend was accused of rape, and she claimed that she had intimate knowledge of the event and her friend, Murray Miller, was innocent. Today, she wrote in Hollywood Reporter that she lied; she never had any information, and she chose to believe her friend.

Then, Dunham blames men for making her lie. Tony’s commentary is a must-hear.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/20/14 – The Wendy Davis Lies Hour and Guests Maria Conchita Alonso and Tim Donnelly

Between the lies of Wendy Davis and the censorship of Hollywood and New York, its a full day on Tony Katz Tonight. Tony starts with the story of Maria Conchita Alonso being let go from a stage production for starring in a political ad with California gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly. Both appear on the program. Tim explains the simple fixes to make California better. Maria clarifies the record; She wasn’t fired, but left because the theater was threatened and the people in the production were threatened because of her involvement.

That’s much better.

Also, the great film Frack Nation is tossed out of the Frozen River Film Festival, while lying filmmaker Josh Fox is able to screen his anti-fracking screed Gasland 2. Want more censorship? How about the Governor of New York Andy Cuomo saying there is no room in NY for “pro-lifers” or “gun owners?” The tolerant Left, indeed.

Then, it’s Wendy Davis hour. She’s become the darling of the political Left for her pro-abortion views and darling pink sneakers. But when the details of her own story fall apart, we see what kind of woman the Left is supporting. Tony takes the hour to talk about it, because MSNBC thinks its wrong to talk about it.

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Rachel Maddow Lies. So Why Is Comcast OK With It?

On my radio show, I talked about a report from that showed MSNBC poster-girl Rachel Maddow lied about the Koch brothers involvement in a Florida law that would have required welfare recipients to take drug tests. Her claim is based on the loosest of relationships that bloggers and mainstream outlets alike have debunked, calling into question her rationale and, as I have, her decency. The bigger question is, why hasn’t MSNBC’s parent company, Comcast, done the same?

Maddow’s thesis is that the Koch brothers have given $40,000 over eight years to the State Policy Network (SPN) – an affiliation of numerous conservative think tanks, groups and other organizations. One of these members, the Foundation for Government Accountability, supported the Florida law. For Maddow, that meant that the Koch brothers supported testing welfare recipients. For Maddow, this remarkably flimsy connection meant placating her base and continuing the myth that the Koch brothers are evil, and all conservatives along with them.

Daniel Schulman – a reporter with the left-leaning Mother Jones and who, according to Legal Insurrection, is writing a book about the Koch brothers – called Maddow’s game of connect-the-non-existant-dots “tenuous.”

What Maddow failed to mention is that while the Koch brothers had this donation to SPN, they also made a donation to the American Civil Liberties Union. The same ACLU that pushed to have the Florida law on drug tests overturned. Their donation wasn’t to any umbrella group with fairy tale ties to other organizations; it was a direct donation. And it wasn’t $40,000, it was $20 million. Yes, shocking but true, the (according to Maddow) evil, horrible, horrific Koch brothers donated $20 million directly to the organization that worked to overturn the law that Maddow was so opposed to.

Nothing is worse than those who have traded their humanity for their ideology. Maddow is that “worse.” Her business is placating those who shares her humanity/ideology transplant. But is that also the business of Comcast?

It’s clear – Maddow lied about the Koch brothers. But to add to the “worse,” she failed to explain that the Koch’s were not alone in this “support” of SPN.

As reported by John Hinderaker at PowerlineBlog, one of the many companies that has supported SPN is – wait for it – Comcast. So, Rachel Maddow has accused the Koch brothers of supporting the same organization that Comcast supports, but has not attacked them on her show. The question for Rachel Maddow is why not?

Maddow has yet to apologize or correct the record. Is this kind jouranlistic apathy approved by Comcast? Ok, so MSNBC is not a “news” organization and Maddow does an opinion talk show. So, let’s ask the question a different way – does Comcast find it acceptable that its MSNBC hosts lie? If not, then why does it happen so often on the network? Maddow on the Koch brothers, on the Wisconsin budget, about abortion. Then, of course, there is the selectively edited video and selectively edited audio.

The question for Comcast is why are they ok with liars like Rachel Maddow?

(This article originally appeared on Rare.)

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/10/14 – Promise Zones and Rachel Maddow Lies

President Obama promises Promise Zones, and Tony can’t help but laugh. What, exactly, is a Promise Zone? It’s not about economic development. It’s about furthering the class warfare that makes up the Progressive mantra on winning elections in America. Things get worse, and yet they dig in deeper.

As Tony reported yesterday, Rachel Maddow lied about connections between the Koch Brothers and a Florida law on welfare and drug testing that was overturned by the courts. Groups like the Tampa Bay Times, and sites including Legal Insurrection and PowerlineBlog have all shown the clear blurring of lines and outright lies she is pushing. Maddow proves that Progressives will push aside their humanity for their ideology. The question is, why does Comcast – the parent company of NBC – allow it?

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It’s Official: Everyone Thinks This Term Is Awful

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For conservatives, nothing prepared us for the horror and sadness of watching President Obama begin to dismantle the Republic in his first term. Out of control spending and business-killing regulations, culminating in the monstrosity of ObamaCare, polarized the nation.

But less than a year into his second term, Obama has become the “Great Uniter” Chris Matthews predicted. Now it’s not just conservatives who think he’s a disaster.

Americans will take a lot of crap. I mean, we accepted Star Wars Part One (which was worse, Annakin or Jar-Jar? Comments below.)  We dealt with Kevin Federline’s rapping. We even suspended disbelief when NBC told us Chelsea Clinton would develop into real journalist. We did those things together. These were happy times for America, really.

But not even liberals can put up with Obama’s arrogance, or total disregard for America’s ability to use their eyes. How else to explain the Obama State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki’s insistence that Secretary John Kerry was not on his boat yacht one percenter recreational cruising vessel while the Egyptian military was staging a coup?

America – But Ms. Psaki! We have pictures of Secretary Kerry on his One Percenter Recreational Cruising Vessel!

Jen Psaki – Don’t care.

America – But?

Jen Psaki – Wasn’t him. Wasn’t there. You’re a racist! Tin Foil hat! Grassy knoll! Next question.

Kerry’s disinterest, and Psaki’s attempt to cover it up, are merely the most recent manifestations of the Obama administration’s lack of foreign policy principles, let alone a comprehensive plan. (When asked for comment on his lead diplomat’s curious level of incuriousness about Egypt, Obama said, “Wait a minute. Let me just hit this shot. I’m so gonna birdie this bitch!”)

Politico has come to the same conclusion, stating:

Establishment Democrats, never big fans of this president to begin with, are starting to speak out. And reporters are tripping over themselves to condemn lies, bullying and shadiness in the Obama administration.

Obama’s biggest cheerleader paid political operative, MSNBC, has had its worst ratings in years. You’d think the whole channel was nothing but hour after hour of Piers Morgan interviewing Piers Morgan! The lies are so clear, and the people so upset about being duped, that they can’t bear to be told one more lie. Because, no matter what they hear, they know they’re being lied to.

Post-racial President? Lie. Transparent President? Lie. Smartest President Ever? Lie. We will be respected around the world? Lie. Nobel Peace Prize for what he might do? Lie. Obamacare will reduce costs? Lie.

On Obamacare, Obama and Co. have admitted through their actions that it doesn’t work. The mandate for employers has been pushed to 2015. And those who qualify for state-run exchanges no longer have to prove eligibility. As Michael Walsh put it, ““Stated income” may be no good in the mortgage market any more after it crashed the system, but apparently it’s good enough for the Obama bureaucracy, whose faith in the honesty of the mendicant citizenry is touching if historically misplaced.”

For years the Right has said that the Obama Administration was thuggish, was hell bent on revenge, and was vindictive.

The IRS scandal was perhaps the tipping point. At first, The Left tried claimed that not just conservative and tea party groups, but progressives as well had been targeted. But, as the Inspector General’s report showed, that was not the case. Obama’s minions attacked Americans who disagreed with him. The Left knows they voted for hate.

Obama is not the man (messiah) they thought he was. The Left was blinded by his skin color and duped by mainstream media.

But now they know he lies. And now they know he surrounds himself with sycophants, ready and willing to lie for him, in poetry and prose.

Lets not let them ever forget it.