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Disney is Being Exclusionary — An Interview with RedState Editor-at-large, Kira Davis

Categorizing boys and girls should not be a complete shock to the system, yet here we are. Disney is the latest group to cater to the small group of elitists that believe children can choose their own gender. We talk to RedState Editor-at-large and host of the Just Listen To Yourself Podcast, Kira Davis about how Disney has chosen exclusion under the guise of inclusion.

Disney Wokeness Is Bad Business — An Interview with Kira Davis

Kira Davis, Editor-at-large at RedState.com and host of the Just Listen To Yourself podcast, joins Tony to discuss the woke decision from Disney and how it IS NOT a business decision.

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Joe Rogan, Neil Young and Spotify: The Culture War Is Here! — The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

 The Left desperately wants to hold on to the culture, but their aggressive push of censorship has America seeing what they are really about. Whether it’s Spotify or YouTube or Facebook, Americans realize that Big Tech and the Woke-Left are not their friends.

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