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Is Elon A Savior, or Just A Tease? — The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

Elon Musk, after buying 9.2% of Twitter, declined to join the board of directors. Does this mean he gets more autonomy to make changes to the social media giant, or is it nothing more than marketing for popularity?

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Can Musk Change Twitter? Did We Change Musk? — The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

Elon Musk, now the largest individual shareholder of Twitter, is joining the board of directors. This after Musk questioned – on Twitter – what can and should be done about Twitter’s clear discrimination against Conservatives and speech they find “unacceptable.”

What is really spurring Musk to put himself out there? What has Musk fired up about protecting and promoting free speech? Well, over million people answered his poll and wanted free speech protected. So, has Musk just had enough, or is Musk responding to the people?

The Morning Rumble is Presented by Americans For Prosperity

Elon Musk Owns Twitter — An Interview with Dr. Matt Will

Elon Musk bought 9.2% stake of Twitter, making him a Twitter’s largest shareholder. Tony and Katz and Matt Will discuss activist investors and what Elon Musk is planning to do with the platform.

Twitter is The Enemy — Tony Katz Today

The Babylon Bee has been suspended from Twitter for calling Rachel Levine, four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, a man. Rachel Levine is a biological man, that is just facts. If an entire media outlet can be removed from Twitter, one that writes satire at that, than none of us are safe.

Twitter is the enemy.

Men In Women’s Sports Is An Attack On Women — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:

Dr Fauci says to get ready for another round of boosters. Are you ready for another round of lockdowns?

A fourth-grade teacher explaining her transgenderism to her students is not education, it is indoctrination.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on the conversation about American oil production and took the progressives to task on their anti-oil legislation.

The latest on the Walmart distribution center fire in Plainfield and the second fire today in Brownsburg.

Major Mike Lyons joins us to discuss the state of the Russian military and America’s policy on Ukraine intervention.

Jack Dorsey is a criminal. Twitter interfered in the 2020 Election. The New York Times spread misinformation to influence the 2020 election. How can American’s make their own decisions if we are not given information?

The Big Story:
Lia Thomas, a man, placed first in NCAA Women’s swimming. A man was on the USA Today Women of The Year list. Women were denied the opportunity for victory because men have intruded on the arena.

Are we going to let men take away opportunities for women? This destruction of notoriety for women should be considered violence against women. It is an abuse towards women. We cannot sit idly by and allow it to continue.

Twitter Worked To Steal An Election From America – The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

The New York Times says what we already knew – The Hunter Biden Laptop story is real. It was always real.

So why should any of us sit by while real journalism was denounced and tilting an election for one political party was cheered? If you’re ok with Twitter’s actions, you’re not really invested in America.

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