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The Problem With The “New” Iran Deal — An Interview with Senator Todd Young

The Iran problem is significant, but is getting little attention with Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine on the front pages. Indiana Senator Todd Young joins us to discuss the Biden Administrations conversations with Iran. What is The “New” Iran Deal that President Biden is trying to get done? With Iran firing ballistic missiles at US consulate in Iraq, is Biden trying to give Iran more resources? We cannot accept a nuclear armed Iran.

Plus, is there a diplomatic way of ending the Ukraine invasion?

Hamas Prevents Aid From Getting To Palestinians, says Daniel Aschheim from Israel Consulate General Office

Daniel Aschheim, Consul for Public Diplomacy with the Israel Consulate General to the Midwest, talks to Tony Katz about the latest attacks by Hamas in Israel.

Inside The Trump Peace Deal With Consul General Aviv Ezra

Last week, the Trump administration introduced a prospective peace deal between Israel and Palestine. It had the endorsement of leaders from Israel and the United States. Aviv Ezra is the Consul General of Israel. He joins Tony Katz to take a look at the deal and how both sides are reacting to it