“Mayor Pete” Doesn’t Miss His Moment To Attack Indiana

The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttegieg, is gaining in popularity. The Democrat has launched a long-shot run for President of the United States, and has gotten some good traction.

However, as Tony Katz notes, that traction comes at the expense of Indiana.

Like Indiana media did during the RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) conversation, Buteegieg didn’t miss a moment to try and elevate himself while attempting to put down Hoosiers. Yet his own story about winning re-election, after coming out as gay, with 80% of the vote proves the lack of bigotry in the state. So why is he p;aying into the disgusting stereotype that Hoosiers are bigots?

Is that how you win the presidency? Insult your home state?

Tony Katz Goes Syndicated With Addition Of WSHY (104.3 The Patriot)/Lafayette, IN

This article originally appeared in All Access, December 11th 2018:

EMMIS News-Talk WIBC/INDIANAPOLIS host TONY KATZ has entered syndication with the addition of STAR CITY BROADCASTING News-Talk WSHY-A-W282CJ (104.3 THE PATRIOT)/LAFAYETTE, IN, effective JANUARY 7th. 

“The WIBC morning show has been a massive success, and continues to grow.” said KATZ, who hosts mornings and middays at WIBC. “With TONY KATZ TODAY, I’m able to talk about the things that matter most to people across the MIDWEST and across AMERICA. I’m thrilled to be adding THE PATRIOT to the family.”

“TONY KATZ is everything you want in talent.” said THE PATRIOT GM BILLY HUGGINS. “Opinions, common sense with a touch of sarcasm and humor. Best of all he is in our state capital, so we know LAFAYETTE is going to love listening to TONY KATZ!”

EMMIS INDIANAPOLIS Dir./Programming DAVID WOOD added, “I brought TONY in four years ago to build our morning show. He did it in two. Over the past 18 months doing TONY as well, his numbers have only grown. He’s more than ready to be a part of the national landscape. He’s a perfect replacement for LAURA INGRAHAM, or for any daypart.”

KATZ’ TOMORROW MEDIA is distributing the three-hour “TONY KATZ TODAY” show, which is available nationwide via XDS satellite. Find out more at

261 – Dana Perino of Fox News Joins Tony in-Studio To Talk Midterms and Civility, Rep. Mark Meadows Explains Why Sen. Joe Donnelly Was Wrong On The Iran Deal

Tony Katz speaks with FOX News host and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, in studio, about the midterms and how she views the relationship between the press and current Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC 11) calls in to talk about congressional priorities, how the US will deal with Saudi Arabia and whether Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly was right to side with the Iran Nuclear Deal.

255 – Indiana Senator Todd Young Discusses The Saudi Situation and The Incoming Immigrant Caravan/Invasion

Tony Katz invites Indiana Senator Todd Young in-studio to discuss the Saudi situation and the impending immigrant caravan.

Sen. Young is firm in his belief that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi can not go unpunished, and that the Saudis need the US far more than the US needs the Saudis.

On the caravan, Tony asks Sen. Young if this can be seen as an invading force, and what can the US do about it? The two also discuss the Indiana senate race.

Tony Katz Questions Sen. Ted Cruz on Gov. Mike Pence and Medicaid Expansion

At the Defending the Dream Summit in Dallas, TX, Tony Katz asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) about his desire to repeal Obamacare in full. While Sen. Cruz favors repeal, some governors, including Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) have worked toward Medicaid expansion.

Sen. Cruz advised any governor from being “complicit” in solidifying Obamacare.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 4/17/14 – Jews Under Attack, Indiana on the Rise and Police Murder/Suicide

The story broke about a flier in Ukraine that said Jews in the town of Donetsk had to register and pay a fine, or else be thrown out of the country. Some say the flier is real, others say the flier is most likely a fake. Tony states that, real or fake, it should make Jews across America (and around the world) ask themselves what will they do if and when history comes full circle. His commentary is not for the faint of heart. contributor Jeff Dunetz joins Tony to talk about the flyer, and about the rise in anti-Semitism worldwide that takes place around Passover and Easter.

Indiana continues to impress, and a new report sees the Hoosier state as the 3rd best state for business going into the future.‘s Jonathan Williams discusses the good of Indiana, the bad of California and the ugly of undue taxation.

New breaks of a murder/suicide involving two IMPD officers.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 3/14/14 – Where Is The Malaysian Airlines Plane and New Laws

Tony makes it clear – he is the most non-conspiratorial person in the world. However, when it comes to Malaysian Airlines flight 370, all bets are off. From when they first broke the story last week until now, the only thing that is clear is that nothing is clear. Conspiracy theories abound, and some of them may get you thinking.

Also, a bunch of new bills have passed the legislature in Indiana. Among them, legalized hemp and people voting for new mass transit routes. From freedom to taxation, these bills have implications that might be felt around the nation.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 2/24/14 – Amb Power’s Fantasy, Piers Morgan’s Reality and Let’s Get High

Tony is back in studio, and back live! He takes to task UN Ambassador Samantha Power’s deluded thoughts on jihadists and why Daniel Pearl was killed. Amb. Power is under the opinion that personal accountability is what’s needed to deal with murderers. Tony disagrees.

Piers Morgan is out at CNN. According to Morgan, its an amicable split. But what does it say about America, about media and about Morgan himself? He claimed in an interview that he had trouble connecting with viewers on “slow news days.” As Tony stated, and wrote at Rare, there hasn’t been a slow news day since January 20th, 2009.

Finally, Indiana is moving a bill to legalize industrial hemp. NORML wants to know why Indiana won’t legalize marijuana? It’s a good question, until their chairman makes a statement that blows the mind.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 2/13/14 – Flip Flop Obama, Gay Marriage and My Facebook Gender

Indiana will not be moving forward on a constitutional amendment on gay marriage, as the state Senate refused the language of the House on what a union is. This means that the amendment won’t face the voters until, at the earliest, 2016. Tony explains why this is a good thing for Indiana, and for those running for office in 2014.

President Obama has said he will go it alone, by-passing Congress if he needs to. But, in 2008, candidate Obama said that the biggest problem with President George W Bush was that he had too many Executive orders. It’s more than a flip-flop, it’s more than hypocritical. Tony lays out the three possible scenarios for this statement by the President.

Facebook now offers 50 different gender choices. Tony goest through them, and calls out those who think their choices require others to accept those choices.

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