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Your Morning TK Top 3

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Tony Katz Has The Top Three Stories Of The Morning

1 – 76% of Americans don’t agree with President Biden on how to choose a nominee to the Supreme Court, from Twitchy.comhttps://twitchy.com/samj-3930/2022/01/30/whoa-76-of-americans-joe-bidens-promise-to-select-scotus-nominee-based-on-sex-and-color-not-popular-at-all-new-abc-poll/

Tony Says –

Every logical person knows you don’t choose a Supreme Court justice, or an employee or anything else, on the basis of race and race alone. Isn’t that the type of bigotry we are supposed to be opposed to?

This poll comes from ABC News, and if you listen to my radio shows you know I have little faith in polls. But, on this, I’m hoping it’s accurate. Because while I have little faith in polls, I still have faith in Americans.

2 – The iPhone will now come with both a “pregnant man” and “pregnant person” emoji, from Fox 59https://fox59.com/news/national-world/apple-iphones-adding-pregnant-man-pregnant-person-emojis/

Tony Says –

It’s hard to escape the wokeness that wants to overtake us. And, yes, if you want to lie to yourself, you can say the emoji is just of a person who ate too much pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. But, what you need to do is reject this misinformation, and make sure your kids do the same. Men don’t, and can’t, have babies. It’s science. And, at last look, we are supposed to follow science.

3 – Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker has a three point lead over Sen. Rafael Warnock, from Outkickhttps://www.outkick.com/herschel-walker-has-three-point-lead-over-warnock-as-bidens-support-tanks-in-georgia/

Tony Says –

There are actually a few story lines in this story. But, the big one for me is what this might say about President Donald Trump going into 2024. For some, this will signal that Trump’s reaction to the 2020 election may have turned off voters in the Ga special election…costing Republicans control of the Senate. Others will remember that Democrats were screaming at the time about $2000 handouts, and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell was opposed to that much money, and THAT is what gave the victory to the Democrats.

But a year later, Walker is gladly accepting Trump’s endorsement, and Warnock has no victories to which he can point. Trump is not the liability that the label “Democrat” is.