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The Citizen Decides When We Reopen Society

Tony Katz has long been an advocate for reopening the country during this pandemic. He’s been adamant that Governors need to have a plan of action in place. Now, Katz is saying he made a mistake. It’s not the Governors who need to have a plan of action. It’s us. The people decide when they want to go back outside. Allow the people to dictate their own lives. Businesses can decide if they want to open up, and the citizen can decide if they want to go out. Let the market do what it does best.

Stopping A Society Doesn’t Save A Society

Tony Katz is not on board with Governors shutting down cities to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. At what point is it OK to completely cripple an economy? It’s important that we listen to our experts, but we shouldn’t allow them to be making decisions for us. If your idea of saving society is by preemptively destroying it., then what are we even doing?