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Top Six Most Important Midterm Voter Concerns – Tony Katz Today

The 2022 Midterms are fast approaching, and it still doesn’t look good for the Democrats. It looks even worse for Progressives. We take a look at the latest Rasmussen polls and discuss the most important midterm voter concerns- school issues, COVID-19, illegal immigration, election integrity, violent crime, and inflation.

Saudi Arabia and Iran Won’t Take Biden’s Call — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:

House of Representatives are debating COVID and Ukraine relief spending. The Market is way up. Why? OPEC is going to pump more oil.

The Left’s message of “greedy” oil companies committing price-gauging is a losing message. Because it is a lie.

We listen to White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki’s press briefing and discuss the weak leadership and dishonesty of the Biden White House.

James Taylor of the Heartland institute joins us to discuss energy independence and the verbal shell game game Biden is playing.

The Big Story:

Russia was supposed to be able to take Ukraine in 36 hours. The invasion continues into its second week. What happened? Polls show that Americans are ok to pay higher prices if it means punishing Putin. Is this the unifying issue Biden promised? How are Saudi Arabia and Iran reacting to calls from President Biden?

Indiana Congressman Jim Banks joins us to discuss the No Oil From Terrorist Act, which would ban petroleum imports from Iran.

Ukraine Updates and Biden is Shocked That You Are Not Happier! — The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

The Russian military is meeting serious resistance from Ukrainians, and they weren’t expecting it. Does this mean President Putin might do something even more drastic to turn things to his favor?

Meanwhile, President Biden can’t believe you’re not happy! After all, look at all he’s done for you! Perhaps this list of ideas could actually make us all happy.

The Morning Rumble is Presented by Americans for Prosperity.


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