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271 – Twitter Censorship Gets Ridiculous, and John Kasich Really Thinks He Can Be President

A woman was suspended from using Twitter because she said a man is not a woman. This has Tony Katz wondering what exactly the purpose of Twitter’s action really is? Stoping “hate” or censoring speech? This leads to a personal conversation of depression and suicidal thoughts.

General Motors is reducing their workforce by 15%. Why? The times are changing, and no one wants cars anymore. Sutdents in Wisconsin took a photo giving the Nazi salute. They’re not Nazis, however. They’re just morons, and this photo will haunt them forever.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is seriously considering running for the presidential nomination against President Trump.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 4/2/14 – GM Fraud and Ft. Hood

Tony speaks with National Review’s Jim Geraghty about GM’s unwillingness to fix a defective ignition switch that has led to 13 deaths. Was it wilfull, or was it and obscene level of negligence. And, when the auto bailouts happen, did the Obama Administration know about the problem?

Jerad Navjar of DB Capital Strategies talks about the big Supreme Court win for his client over the FEC. What does it mean now that people can give to an unlimited number of candidates, and is it the right decision?

The big story is the shooting at Ft. Hood that has left four dead and 16 injured. Tony has a live feed of the press conference from Texas, and brings in Chuck Devore – a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves and Vice-President of the Texas Public Policy Foundation – to discuss the history of weapons on military bases and steps the military can take to better protect soldiers.

Tony gives his perspective as well, on mental illness and those who want to jump the gun to get website hits and social media attention.

Listen, Share and Enjoy. And think of those who lost their lives at Ft. Hood.

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Government Motors falls apart…literally

In an article from the WSJ, it looks like Obama’s latest invention, the Chevy Cruze, is falling apart on drivers while they “Cruze” on down the road.  In a very scary development, the steering wheel on certain cars has fallen off while the car was in motion.  GM has stated this affects about 2100 cars, and a recall has been issued.

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