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Smoking Pot, The Olympics and Having A Standard

Track and Field star Sha’Carri Richardson was banned from competing in the Olympics for smoking marijuana, which is a banned substance. Tony Katz explained to Jacqui Heinrich on Fox News that the Olympic committee is welcome to change the rules, but the real conversation here is Richardson not living up to the standard required of Olympians.

If standards are situational, then we have no standards at all.

Tony Katz on Fox News

Check out the video.

Portland Riot Squad Resigns Because Portland Doesn’t Have Their Back: Katz on Fox

The Portland Riot Squad, which consists of near 50 Portland, Oregon police officers, resigned from the group en masse one one of them was indicted for doing their job during one of the numerous nights of riots in the city.

The officer is accused of unlawful force, but a description of the incident states the officer was using his baton during a riot situation as trained.

Tony joined Fox News to explain what happens when officers don’t believe a city, or the elected officials of that city, will support police when they are doing their job. Better said, what happens to morale when a city chooses the rioters over the police.

People Aren’t Talking About Impeachment At The Dinner Table

Leland Vittert from Fox News joins Tony Katz. It is an election year and the eyes of the country are turned towards impeachment. Leland Vittert advocates that the country has already made up their minds about impeachment and there are other much more pressing issues