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The Most Valuable Biden Commentary Heard So Far — Tony Katz Today

President Biden made a series of gaffes on his tour of Europe, including calling for a regime change in Russia. The White House claims you didn’t hear what you heard, but you know better. Dana Perino, Fox Host and former White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, explains the bigger problem with the White House walk backs.

Dana Perino has offered a look at the walk backs that we have not heard yet. The Administration walked back the President’s statement without the knowledge or approval of the President. Who is in charge?

Markets React to Ban on Russian Oil — An Interview with Fox Business Host Charles Payne.

President Biden has banned all oil imports from Russia. How are the markets responding? Fox Business host, Charles Payne, joins us to discuss. He shares whispers of news out of Ukraine that could bring an end to this invasion sooner than later. Is that moving the markets more than the oil import ban by the President?