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Katz on Fox & Friends: Breakdown of First Debate

The first Presidential debate is in the books and it was a dumpster fire. The 90 minute debate turned into a shouting match between Joe Biden, Donald Trump and moderator Chris Wallace. Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to break it all down

Katz on Fox & Friends: Obama’s Endorsement of Biden Won’t Unite Dems

Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss the progression in the 2020 race for President. Joe Biden essentially sealed up the nomination with the endorsements of Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. Katz discusses what kind of effect this will have on the Biden campaign and if he can rally in enough support from Bernie supporters.

Katz on Fox & Friends: Does Biden Have A Shot After Winning South Carolina?

The morning after Joe Biden picked up a huge win in the South Carolina Primary, Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss if this is the moment that Joe Biden can use to pull ahead of Sanders and revitalize his campaign?

Katz on Fox & Friends: Reviewing New Hampshire Primary Results

Tony Katz was in New Hampshire for the primary. We saw Sanders and Buttigieg lead the way, while contenders like Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden struggled massively. Tony joined Fox and Friends in New Hampshire to break it all down. What do these results mean going forward towards super Tuesday?

Katz on Fox & Friends: Buttigieg Ain’t So Moderate

While in New Hampshire for the primary, Tony Katz sat down with Fox and Friends. The conversation began with the recently released audio of Michael Bloomberg defending his controversial “stop and frisk” program. The discussion then moved into other democrat contenders in 2020, mainly Pete Buttigieg. Tony Katz has long stated that despite his slick presentation, Buttigieg is far from a moderate.

Katz on Fox and Friends: 2020 Dems Turning on Bernie

Tony Katz is on the road in New Hampshire for the 2nd Democratic Primary. He joined Fox and Friends to discuss how other Democrats have turned on Bernie Sanders

Tony Katz on Fox and Friends 2020 SOTU Review

Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to review President Trump’s State of The Union. There were a plethora of noteworthy moments, from Rush Limbaugh being honored, to Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump’s speech. Tony joined Fox and Friends to go over all the highlights and low moments

Tony Katz on FOX and Friends: Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the Pizza Peace Offering

Presidential candidate and Mayor Pete Buttigieg send pizza to police officers in his city of South Bend, IN. This was not well received by the police, which is extremely upset with Mayor Buttigieg for his constant claims that the police – and policing – are steeped in racism.

Tony Katz discussed the issue, and the emotional disconnect Buttigieg has from his constituents and voters, with Todd Piro on FOX and Friends .