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Electric Cars Are Great, But Let’s Be Practical – Tony Katz Today

25% of the electric vehicle charging stations in the San Francisco Bay area work. Electric cars are fine, but you need the energy to be able to create the electricity to charge these vehicles. What is the value of an electric car if I can’t charge it up?

Democrats Gaslighting on Gas Prices – The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

President Biden has (finally!?) placed a ban on buying Russian oil. And, in the same breath, he blamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine for rising gas prices. Then, he blamed oil companies for not drilling more in the US. Then, he accused oil companies of price gouging.

Biden’s economy is a result of Biden’s policies. Of course, Russian aggression is making markets move. But America’s energy issues are all directly connected to Biden’s moves since becoming President…and he can’t run away from that. And we shouldn’t let him!

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