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The Gun Haters Know Nothing About Guns! — The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

Listening to disgraced former FBI agent Andrew McCabe talk about firearms is enough to make a person scream! Listen to what he says about mass shootings and high capacity magazines, and you’ll scream, too! The 2A haters, like McCabe, are why Americans have to fight for their rights.

And the latest economic indicators tell us what we already know: Joe Biden’s economy is just terrible.

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Here is How You Answer the Question, Mitch McConnell — Tony Katz Today

Jonathan Swan of Axios asked Mitch McConnell how he can say Trump is “morally responsible” for January 6th, but still promise to support him if he is the nominee in 2024. Mitch McConnell’s answer was weak and defensive.

Where is Mitch McConnell’s fight? Tony shares how he would have answered this question from Jonathan Swan.

Hillary Clinton is More Duplicitous Than We Ever Thought — Tony Katz Today Highlight

Hillary Clinton lied, Hillary Clinton spied.

Hillary Clinton is a liar and a fraud. A lowlife. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats spied on Donald Trump. The Durham investigation has shown that the origin of the Russian Collusion narrative was Hillary Clinton. Will there be any accountability held after all this time?

Our Institutions Have Been Weaponized Against Us — An Interview with Author Michael Walsh

Has our own Federal Government been weaponized against us? Former FBI officials are saying the Department of Justice’s new Domestic Terrorism Unit was driven by the January 6th riot in Washington DC. What about the riots we witnessed during the Trump Administration? We know that the Department of Justice has been referring to parents as domestic terrorists. Will parents be targeted under the new Domestic Terrorism Unit?

Americans are on the front lines of a culture war, under attack by our own governing bodies. How do we come back from a total disintegration of faith in our institutions?

Michael Walsh, author of Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All Is Lost, joins us to discuss the implications of DOJ’s domestic terrorism unit and the state of the culture war.