Quick Hit – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Morality, Facts and How She Wants To Be Judged By You

On 60 Minutes, Dem Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Anderson Cooper that more important than getting the facts right on policy, is that the policy is “morally correct.”

Tony Katz explains how Cortez has opened herself up to an entirely new line of questioning. “Rep. Cortez has done a great job of avoiding criticism and making those who attack her look bad.” says Tony. “But now, she’s let all that go. She doesn’t care about facts, which is exactly the argument progressives make about President Trump. And she has asked people to question whether, morally, her Socialist policies have value; people get to question her morality. I don’t think she realizes what she’s done here.”

Ferguson is not about race, it’s about facts

WIBC morning host Tony Katz spoke with Reverend Charles Harrison of the Ten Point Coalition of Indianapolis about the rioting in Ferguson and the possible overflow in Indy.

Tony then followed up with a moment of clarity about the decision of the grand jury not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. To fulfill their narrative, many need this to be about race. As Tony points out, this was never about race. This has always been about the facts.

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