Eat! Drink! Smoke! – Episode 24 – The Jussie Smollett Hoax Has Multiple Victims Media Won’t Notice. Facebook Listens To Everything and Peanut Butter and Mayo Sandwiches

Jussie Smollett made it up….at least, that’s what the Chicago PD has said. The Empire star was not attacked in a “hate crime.” Rather, he paid two men to fake an attack on him, so he could garner sympathy and, possibly, get a raise. Yet, when the cable media discusses the story, they avoid talking about some of the victims of this gross hoax. Read More

QUICK HIT! – The Creepy Line is real, and Facebook and Google don’t care about it at all

American psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein tells Tony Katz how Facebook and Google exploit everything you do online, whether you like it or not.

The documentary, The Creepy Line, breaks down exactly how social media companies market users to advertisers, and how they manipulate users to do what they want.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 2/13/14 – Flip Flop Obama, Gay Marriage and My Facebook Gender

Indiana will not be moving forward on a constitutional amendment on gay marriage, as the state Senate refused the language of the House on what a union is. This means that the amendment won’t face the voters until, at the earliest, 2016. Tony explains why this is a good thing for Indiana, and for those running for office in 2014.

President Obama has said he will go it alone, by-passing Congress if he needs to. But, in 2008, candidate Obama said that the biggest problem with President George W Bush was that he had too many Executive orders. It’s more than a flip-flop, it’s more than hypocritical. Tony lays out the three possible scenarios for this statement by the President.

Facebook now offers 50 different gender choices. Tony goest through them, and calls out those who think their choices require others to accept those choices.

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I’m all packed, and I am hitting the road to participate in the Buy Arizona! Now Weekend.  It’s going to be a great time.  Not only is the weekend going to be a blast, but I will be doing my show live from two different cigar bars.

On Thursday, June 3rd, join me at the Scottsdale Cigar Club.  On Friday, June 4th, join me at Oggie’s Cigars.  Both are in Scottsdale, and both offer great deals, and a comfortable place to sit, relax, smoke and talk.

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The Ignorance of NBC

NBC is ignorant.

It is obvious, to anyone willing to pay any type of attention at all, that NBC is nothing more than a mouth-piece for the Obama administration, and, moreover, the Democrat Party.  The resignation of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, who was brought to the light of day by Glenn Beck, and a host of incredible bloggers and researchers, including Michelle Malkin, shows just how strong the will of the American people is.  Once we learned about who Van Jones was, and is now, once we learned about what he has said in the past, and in the past 8 months, once we saw what kind of people President Obama was placing in high-level positions outside the purview of Senate approval, we – the American people – said no.

The removal of Van Jones was about finding information, and disseminating that information.  Twitter, Facebook, blogs, emails and a dose of Fox News – that’s what it took to get the word out on Van Jones.  The removal of Van Jones shows the new “force-to-be-reckoned-with” in the United States – We The People.  The Obama Administration never prepared for this.  They probably don’t event understand how it’s possible.  They thought that they alone controlled the American people.  Obviously, they don’t quite yet know what Charles Krauthammer explained to all of us in a column just today.  Obama is mortal.  He is not superior….he’s just a man.  Maybe now they understand that the American people will not be controlled.  They will not be servants to the President, no matter what celebrity shows up in a video.

After the stunning resignation of Van Jones, NBC Washington ran this story with the following headline:

“Obama Aide Van Jones Resigns After GOP Attacks”

What are they talking about?  What GOP attacks?  Who do they think they are fooling? It is now obvious, to anyone willing to pay any type of attention at all, that NBC is beyond just a mouth-piece for the administration.  NBC is ignorant.  They are attempting to spin the resignation as the work of GOP, in order to show the Obama administration as under attack, under siege, in need of pity, in need of support against the big, bad enemy that does not control the House, the Senate or the White House. NBC has given up the ghost of any type of journalism, and instead have resigned themselves to be ignorant shills for the administration, and for the Democrat party.

It’s not enough to explain them as just ignorant, (and they are) it is also important to understand that, with this resignation, and subsequent headline, that they are irrelevant.  NBC, with daily cheerleading of Brian Williams, subsequent cheering from Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, and the “flights of fancy” that attempt to pass themselves off as journalists on MSNBC (Schultz, Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow), was no match for the American people.  NBC spends their days and nights defending the White House, defending Obama, defending the Democrat party.  They use their money, influence, and control, to spin every message they can to distort the reality on the ground.  Want proof?  I refer you to the headline posted above.

Van Jones didn’t resign because of GOP attacks.  (And, so we can be clear, it was Van Jones who has the history of attacking the GOP!!)  Van Jones resigned because the American people demanded it.  The American people were made aware of who he is, what he thinks and what he believes.  They did their own research, and they found out even more.  They spoke up, they spoke loud, they shared information, and they got more people to speak up, and be loud.

Van Jones resigned because NBC and MSNBC are no match for the American people. Yet, NBC thinks Van Jones resigned because of GOP attacks.

NBC is ignorant….and irrelevant.

4th of July Celebration

Come celebrate the 4th of July with some like-minded Americans this year in the Los Angeles Area. We will be gathering in Pasadena at Memorial Park from 11am to 1pm. It will be a day of music, food (bring a picnic), conversation, education and lots of laughs. We’ll have speakers talking about the greatness of America, and what we can do to keep it going for generations to come.

All are invited – Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, Independents and anyone else I did not mention here. For more information, visit the page on Facebook. See you there!