Let’s Change How We Do College In America

America needs to change the way it looks at college. This is what Tony Katz thinks, and he took to his show to break down why a new look is needed, and what the value of college really is.

We need to change what we think college should provide, and that means asking if you really need college to be successful. We live in a world where we’re going to live to be 90, is it really necessary to jump into college at 18?

Get some expereince in life. Learn some skills. Pay your rent. Then make decisions.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/20/14 – Failing The Students and Healthy Indiana

Schools have now taken to ending programs and events that highlight the achievement of some of their students for fear it might make the others students feel bad. As Tony discusses, this is just another example of how modern day education is failing students, and America.

Plus, Ben Domenech of The Transom and Heartland Institute talks about Healthy Indiana 2.0. Is this just Medicaid expansion, or is Gov. Pence just in a hard spot?

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4th of July Celebration

Come celebrate the 4th of July with some like-minded Americans this year in the Los Angeles Area. We will be gathering in Pasadena at Memorial Park from 11am to 1pm. It will be a day of music, food (bring a picnic), conversation, education and lots of laughs. We’ll have speakers talking about the greatness of America, and what we can do to keep it going for generations to come.

All are invited – Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, Independents and anyone else I did not mention here. For more information, visit the page on Facebook. See you there!