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Here is How You Answer the Question, Mitch McConnell — Tony Katz Today

Jonathan Swan of Axios asked Mitch McConnell how he can say Trump is “morally responsible” for January 6th, but still promise to support him if he is the nominee in 2024. Mitch McConnell’s answer was weak and defensive.

Where is Mitch McConnell’s fight? Tony shares how he would have answered this question from Jonathan Swan.

Another Leftist Defends Shoplifting! Was Halftime a Problem? – The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

Why is it that so many people on the Left are defending shoplifting? Why do they continue to say that it is a victimless crime? Well, one this is for sure…they don’t understand anything about the economy or a civil society.

The “big game” happened, with the Rams beating the Bengals. But some are saying the halftime show was controversial. Was it?

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The DNC Telethon Was A Boring Disaster

The first night of the Democratic National Convention has come and gone and it was a total disaster. The entire night consisted of pre-recorded segments that featured no energy, no exciting speakers and no memorable moments. Tony Katz says that the whole event reminded him of a video telethon from the 1980’s. How can a party hope to raise excitement for their candidate when people fall asleep watching their convention?