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Rescue Rangers, SNL and Dave Chappelle – Tony Katz Today

Dave Chappelle and John Mulaney. What do we need to do to get that show to Indy?

The Disney Box Office Problem – Tony Katz Today

What do box office numbers say about our film industry and the damage done to consumer’s relationship with Disney?

Fly This Flag or Else, The Pressure of Social Politics — Tony Katz on NewsNation

Exxon announced it will prohibit ‘external position’ flags outside its offices, such as pride flags and BLM flags.

Should companies be compelled to fly political flags? Or should a business just be a business and stay out of politics?

DeSantis Takes Action Against Disney – An interview with Larry O’Connor

Radio host Larry O’Connor, of Washington D.C.’s WMAL, joins us to discuss the conservative case for the Florida government withdrawing special political benefits from the Disney corporation.

Progressives Are Now In Favor Of Corporations Getting Special Benefits — Tony Katz on News Nation

Disney wants to put the full force of their funds behind overturning the Parental Right’s legislation in Florida. Parents and consumers are responding. So are the Progressives- this time taking the pro-corporation special interest position.

The Subway Shooter, Tony Dungy, Disney, and the Death of Gilbert Gottfried — Tony Katz on Newsmax

The Subway Shooter in New York City sparks another gun control debate, despite New York’s ample gun laws. NFL Hall of Famer Tony Dungy supports parental rights and the internet is mad at him. Americans are turning their backs on Disney.

Plus, Comedy takes another hit with the untimely death of Comedy legend, Gilbert Gottfried.

Sometimes You Have to Tell Your Kids “No” – Tony Katz Today

If you are a Disney family and you are fed up with how the Disney Corporation is defying your values, what do you do? Your kids want to watch Marvel movies and Star Wars. What are you going to do? You are going to tell your kids No.

Downplaying Disney Has Political Consequences — Tony Katz Today

The Disney Executives openly admitting they have a gay “agenda” will lead to consumers making their own choices about doing business with Disney. But the bigger story is the Democrat media spin. That the problem with Disney is a “conservative backlash to growing acceptance of gay and transgender people” as Brian Stelter claims. If this is what the messaging is from the Left, November election will be brutal for the Democrats.

Disney is Being Exclusionary — An Interview with RedState Editor-at-large, Kira Davis

Categorizing boys and girls should not be a complete shock to the system, yet here we are. Disney is the latest group to cater to the small group of elitists that believe children can choose their own gender. We talk to RedState Editor-at-large and host of the Just Listen To Yourself Podcast, Kira Davis about how Disney has chosen exclusion under the guise of inclusion.

Does The Disney Customer Want Wokeness? — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:
Susan Collins is a ‘yes’ vote, which means Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be confirmed to the Supreme Court.
The lies and deceit of Putin. You cannot trust Russia.
The hosts of The View are worried that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is dragging the Democrat party too far to the left.
Dana Perino had the best take of the Biden White House walk backs we have heard. How did the White House walk back Biden’s statements before asking Biden about his statement?
Chris Rock has done his first show since the Oscars Slap. Plus, reports of how the Academy handled the slap incident are
Another edition of ’Say It Ain’t So, Joe!’ – The Kamala Harris Special!

The Big Story:
My appearance on NewsNation discussing Disney’s reaction to the Florida parental rights bill was must-see TV. We discuss why people insist on calling the Florida legislation the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Who is Disney making decisions for? Does the Disney Customer want this? We speak to Kira Davis about how wokeness leads to brokeness.