Quick Hit – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Morality, Facts and How She Wants To Be Judged By You

On 60 Minutes, Dem Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Anderson Cooper that more important than getting the facts right on policy, is that the policy is “morally correct.”

Tony Katz explains how Cortez has opened herself up to an entirely new line of questioning. “Rep. Cortez has done a great job of avoiding criticism and making those who attack her look bad.” says Tony. “But now, she’s let all that go. She doesn’t care about facts, which is exactly the argument progressives make about President Trump. And she has asked people to question whether, morally, her Socialist policies have value; people get to question her morality. I don’t think she realizes what she’s done here.”

281 – So A Guy Got Locked In A Burger King Bathroom, It’s Now Speaker Pelosi and Apple Gets A Bite Taken Out Of It

With Democrats taking control of the House, the Night of 1000 Subpoenas is upon us. Tony Katz discusses what will happen, and why Speaker Pelosi has her hands full with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And why is President Trump not aiming for the head of Senator Mitt Romney after his op-ed in the Washington Post?

A man got stuck in a Burger King bathroom for an hour, and was offered free food. Did he really think it would last for life? And Apple is seeing a massive slowdown in the purchase of iPhones.

280 – White Women Wish For Wokeness, LeBron the Activist has A Lot To Learn and Mitt Romney Swings Wildly At Trump

The Women’s March in Eureka, CA has been cancelled, because of too many white women. Tony Katz breaks down the progressive cannibalism that is the very concept of “wokeness.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is running for President. And Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inauguration speech shows that he’s running as well. Unfortunately for him, the speech is just awful. Sen-Elect Mitt Romney takes President Trump’s character to task. Unfortunately for him, his Washington Post op-ed doesn’t do him any favors.

LeBron James may be the best basketball player in the world, and he might be the best who ever played the game. But activist LeBron James has a lot to learn.

278 – Mexico’s President Uses Dead Girl To Attack Trump Over Border, Obamacare Is Only Unconstitutional On Paper

A seven year-old girl died of dehydration at the US-Mexico border. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox blames President Trump. Tony Katz discusses the indecency of the anti-Trump crowd, that they will gladly use the death of children to move their anti-Trump agenda.

“Hate President Trump all you want.” says Tony. “But using a dead girl as your cover is obscene.”

MSNBC host Joy Reid has no time for a Biden/Beto ticket, because it’s too white. And too male. And too white and male. Obamacare has been ruled unconstitutional…yet nothing is going to change.

259 – The Pittsburgh Shooting Shows The Depths Of The Political Divide, and People Forget About The Lives Lost. Blexit Is Real and A Father/Son Duo Dresses Like Hitler For Halloween

Tony Katz addresses the murder of eleven people in Pittsburgh by an anti-Semite who thought President Trump was controlled by Jews. Immediately, the murders have been politicized, with people blaming President Trump for creating a “toxic” environment. But what about the lives lost, and what about not losing more lives?

Brandon Straka got 5000 people to show up to the WalkAway march. Kanye West is working on BLEXIT; Black Exit….from the Democratic Party. Speaking of, the Indiana Democratic Party is getting very desperate, sending out mailers trying to convince Republicans to vote for the Libertarian candidate.

And a father and his 5 year-old son dressed as Hitler and an SS officer for Halloween. Yeah. We wish we were making that up, too.

249 – Trump Trumps Stahl On 60 Minutes and VP Joe Biden’s Anti-Semitism Talk Is A Big Problem For Biden And Democrats

Tony Katz plays clips from President Trump being aggressively questioned and interrupted by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes. It’s a sad showing…..for Leslie Stahl.

“Is she really this naive?” asks Tony. “How did she ever live in New York with this kind of pollyanna thing she’s got going on in this interview?”

Former Vice-President Joe Biden, campaigning for Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, accuses the GOP of anti-Semitism. Tony exposes the falsehoods of his statements, and the reality of his own party.

244 – The Enthusiasm For The Midterms Is Big…For Republicans, Bi-partisanship Drops Claire McCaskill and My Producer The Homecoming King

Tony Katz always says you should never put your faith in just one poll. When it comes to the latest information showing that Democrats enthusiasm for the midterms is waining, yet GOP enthusiasm is growing, Tony connects all the dots to spell out what the election might look like.

A GOP senator refuses to allow Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO) to use his likeness in a TV ad that claims she is bi-partisan. Why? Because, as he says it, she’s extremely partisan.

Republican senators were doxxed by a Democratic intern. We now know his identity, and all the people he worked for. And Producer Ari was Homecoming King.

On Kavanaugh, Delay Is The Democrats Desire

(The Washington Post/Getty Images)

The confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been delayed one week after allegations were made by Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford of sexual impropriety when she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17. This delay is exactly what hyper-partisan Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have wanted from the beginning. So why would America think they’ll stop now?

The allegation is a serious one; Ford contends that at a house party Kavanaugh and a friend (identified as Mark Judge,) were in a bedroom with Ford. Kavanaugh allegedly pinned Ford to the bed and tried to take off her clothes. When she went to yell, she alleges, Kavanaugh tried to cover her mouth with his hand while Judge turned up the music in the room. Judge then jumped on the two of them, which caused them all to fall off the bed. She then was able to leave.

It is a stunning allegation, which she made mention of to a couples therapist in 2012, though she did not use Kavanaugh’s name. She also admits to not remembering when it happened, just knowing it was the summer of 1982. She does not remember whose house it was, nor how she got there. She noted in the Washington Post that no other girls were there. However, her lawyer, Debra Katz (no relation,) said another girl was there

The problems with her story are also serious. Perhaps more serious is the gamesmanship of Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ranking Member Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA) knew about the allegations; she had been holding on to a letter from Ford for over three months. Why did she not ask about it from the beginning? In the era of #MeToo, this would seem a very important and topical conversation. Why did she not ask about it during the hearing, or in her private meeting with Kavanaugh?

But Feinstein has placed her egregious failings aside; she is now claiming that Republicans are not doing enough to find out what happened, including demanding an FBI investigation.

(Again, she had the letter FOR THREE MONTHS AND DID NOTHING WITH IT!!) She’s also asking that the hearing be postponed. Because, as the song goes, “That’s what it’s all about!”

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) have all called for a delay to the vote. Then again, they did from the beginning. Harris began the hearings by not even waiting for Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to finish welcoming Judge Kavanaugh, interrupting Grassley from his first words to ask for a delay in the hearings. When it was clear that Grassley was going to continue, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joined in to back up Harris. Sen. Richard Bluenthal (D-CT) asked that the hearings be adjourned.

Now, they all want delay. Even so-called moderates like Indiana Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly:


The allegations are serious, but that is not why Sen. Donnelly and his comrades want a delay. They wanted the delay not just from day one of the confirmation hearings, but day one of the Trump presidency. 

It is obvious to America that Democrats do not accept President Trump as legitimate, and they are focused (hell bent!) on using any and every tool to disparage and discredit him, and his administration. (Don’t take my word for it. Ask Maxine Waters!)

Democrats could have asked about this allegation from the start. Instead, they created a three-ring circus filled with clowns and protesters and Linda Sarsour to try and delay the proceedings. Then, when it was clear to all that Judge Kavanaugh was qualified to be a Supreme Court justice, the allegations from Dr. Ford were “leaked.” And, once leaked, they could be used as a weapon not against Brett Kavanaugh, but President Donald Trump.

Judge Kavanaugh denies any such attack, and he even denies being at the party. Both Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford have been asked to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to tell their stories. America should be interested in the truth, and in hearing from both of them. But regardless of their words, the response from the Democrats will be the same as it ever was: Delay. Delay. Delay.

Or, as the kids say, #resist #resist #resist

The Ideologically Obedient Democrat Party

You are not going crazy. You are not delusional. You are not making things up. You are not seeing things. You are rational, decent and aware. You are a normal human being who does not work for the MSM or belong to the Democrat Party (aka the Progressives, aka the Leftists, aka the Ted Kennedy/Bill Clinton Murder/Molestation Fan Club.) Because those people are crazy, are delusional and do make things up. As well as being, unfortunately, ideologically obedient and humanity absent.

We can start with foreign policy. Is anyone going to notice that John Kerry is more interested in protecting the brand of Islam – continually making the claim that we need to remind ourselves that Islam is peaceful – than killing ISIS members and Islamists?  Pro tip, medal thrower; kill all the radical Islamists and you won’t have to remind us of how peaceful Muslims are.

Is anyone going to notice that President Obama’s comments on “optics” are amazingly dense? Much was made of the “optics” of his decrying beheadings in the morning and then golfing in the afternoon. The reason, according to the White House flack office, was sports “clears the mind.”

Barack Obama claimed he cried when speaking to the family of journalist James Foley after Foley was beheaded by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, THEN WENT TO PLAY GOLF!  That’s not optics, that’s myoptics. It’s a new word that I’ve created to explain Obama’s attitude.  Myoptics is a condition in which the person in question can only see a golf course and themselves on it.

Is anyone going to notice that Joe Biden called bankers shylocks, a throwback to Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, and the very worst in Jewish stereotypes and Antisemitism?

If you think we should let this pass as just Joe being Joe, you’re crazier than someone who believes that ISIS is not Islamic! Crazy Uncle Joe might be crazy, but using “shylocks” proves that Joe Biden doesn’t pass the decency smell test. He’s failed the humanity test as well (like President, like Vice-President, I guess.)

And while they’re not noticing the Jew bashing, Is anyone going to notice that noted pseudo-academic and Native American wannabe Sen. Elizabeth Warren thinks it’s “fine” to equate jews and Nazis? Exactly how does one compare the systematic annihilation of Jews, gays and others to fighting the systematic annihilation of Jews, gays and others?

Is anyone going to notice that Obamacare still doesn’t work? Almost a year into forced healthcare and disaster still lurks around every corner. Minnesota just had a blow up, as their largest insurer, PreferredOne Health Insurance, is leaving the state, which will force millions to reapply for the super-great-awesome-happy-fun-time medical coverage with the insanely high deductible. Is anyone going to notice that Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Al Franken were huge proponents of Obamacare? Is anyone also going to notice that they are in single digit races for reelection right now?

400,000 of the ideologically obedient took to the streets of New York for the People’s Climate March to spread the word on global warming climate change. Is anyone going to notice all the trash these so-called Earth-lovers left strewn across Manhattan? Also, is anyone going to notice that this march took place on the Upper West Side? Are these charlatans and science deniers so lazy that they can only protest in the backyards of the much richer ideologically obedient?

No, you’re not crazy for noticing. You’re only crazy for thinking they ever will, or for ever trusting them again.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/7/14 – The Democrats Contempt For Benghazi

With their latest mocking of those who want the truth about what led up to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, Democrats have shown their complete contempt for anyone who disagrees with them or their talking points.

Tony discusses how this contempt has spread, and if it ever ends.

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