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Dark Days Ahead For CNN — Tony Katz Today Highlight

CNN is falling apart. It is going to continue to get worse because we have yet to see the full extent of the resignations. We discuss the dark days ahead for CNN. From Zucker to Cuomo and everyone in between, it is bad news for the once great network.

But first, let’s play “Say It Ain’t So, Joe!” with one of the greatest stories Biden has ever told.

No, The President Doesn’t Have “Total Authority”

President Trump raised some eyebrows during his Coronavirus briefing when he said the President has “total authority” to re-open the country. Tony Katz says that even in a pandemic, we are still a Republic.

The conversation then evolves into Chris Cuomo. The CNN anchor had a lot to day during a recent interview. In a mini-meltdown, he discussed the President and his network. Maybe it’s time for Cuomo to walk away.