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The 6% Has Got Everybody Losing Their Minds

A CDC report recently came out that has people losing their minds. The data says that 94% of those who have died from COVID-19 also had underlying conditions. That leaves 6% who have died from solely from COVID-19. Tony Katz takes a look at the data and explains what it actually means and why this is further proof that the lockdowns needs to stop

The Blame Game Culture

The states are blaming the federal government for not helping more during this pandemic. The federal government is blaming states who were unprepared and didn’t have the proper equipment in stock. The blame is flying back and forth and nobody wants to take responsibility.

Tony Katz takes a look at why, during this time, we consistently need someone to blame. Why does somebody have to be a villain, and if nobody fills that role; how do we create our own villain?

Katz Speaks with Surgeon General Jerome Adams

During a 20-minute interview, Tony Katz spoke to United States Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, about COVID-19. The topic included how long Americans should expect to be social distancing, possible treatments for those affected and how the President has responded to the pandemic. The Surgeon General answers all the questions that Americans have about this virus and how to best and safely handle daily life through a pandemic.

What Happens When We Run Out of Doctors in New York?

What happens when we run out of doctors in New York? What happens when the cost of keeping someone alive isn’t worth it? Can the government force doctors into service across different parts of the country? Let’s not pretend this isn’t a possibility. Tony Katz takes a dark look at what could happen 

Midwestern Restaurants Forced To Adjust After COVID-19 Closures

Following similar decisions from neighboring states, Gov. Holcomb made the decision that Indiana restaurants and bars will be shut down to dine-in patrons during the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants and bars will be permitted to serve customers who order food to be picked up.

Michael Cunningham is the founder and CEO of Cunningham Restaurant Group. The group owns dozens of restaurants across Indiana and the Midwest, including Bru Burger, Stone Creek Dining and Rize, all of which are affected by the new policy.

Michael spoke to Tony Katz about how the Governor’s decision is going to affect business. Cunningham says that a portion of their menus would not be feasible to send out on delivery.

“We are going to streamline our menus. We are signing on with DoorDash immediately. We are going with 40% of our menu, so we are taking the day to regroup and get it all into place.”

The restaurant group has hundreds of employees and with a significant drop in revenue expected, Cunningham says some tough decisions are going to have to be made.

“We are trying to keep as many people working as possible, but from what we’ve heard this may go on for as many as 12 to 16 weeks. Without having revenue coming in, the cash spend is immense, so we’re going to have to make some tough calls.”