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The Blame Game Culture

The states are blaming the federal government for not helping more during this pandemic. The federal government is blaming states who were unprepared and didn’t have the proper equipment in stock. The blame is flying back and forth and nobody wants to take responsibility.

Tony Katz takes a look at why, during this time, we consistently need someone to blame. Why does somebody have to be a villain, and if nobody fills that role; how do we create our own villain?

Where Did We Go Wrong With COVID-19 Testing?

A frequent criticism being levied against the government is the apparent lack of mass testing for the COVID-19 virus. There have been rumors and accusations about just how we got here. Thanks to some phenomenal reporting, we now have a full picture.

Tony Katz takes us through the play by play of exactly what happened in the FDA and CDC. Regulations and obsolete procedure set us back weeks and prevented COVID-19 tests from being produced at a mass quantity.