“Mayor Pete” Doesn’t Miss His Moment To Attack Indiana

The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttegieg, is gaining in popularity. The Democrat has launched a long-shot run for President of the United States, and has gotten some good traction.

However, as Tony Katz notes, that traction comes at the expense of Indiana.

Like Indiana media did during the RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) conversation, Buteegieg didn’t miss a moment to try and elevate himself while attempting to put down Hoosiers. Yet his own story about winning re-election, after coming out as gay, with 80% of the vote proves the lack of bigotry in the state. So why is he p;aying into the disgusting stereotype that Hoosiers are bigots?

Is that how you win the presidency? Insult your home state?

Chicago Reporter Rafer Weigel Explains The Jussie Smollett Case, and the Sorry State Of Journalism In America

Jussie Smollett, the actor and singer, will be facing charges for filing a false police report. The Empire star claimed he was attacked by two men in Chicago screaming about “MAGA country” who placed a noose around his neck. The story fell apart when the two men who were suspected of the attack explained how they were paid by Smollett to stage the attack.

But media across America did not wait for the facts: they declared Smollett was telling the truth and wasted no time attacking Trump supporters. Celebrities and presidential candidates like Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) joined in, going so far as to call it a “lynching.”

Chicago reporters had taken their time with the story, doing the hard work of journalism, and covered the events properly. Tony Katz speaks with Chicago FOX 32 reporter and anchor Rafer Weigel about the Smollett case, and the state of journalism in America.

QUICK HIT – FOX News Sides With CNN, No One Has Claimed $1.5 Billion and Amazon Echo Hears All

There is a lot of crazy stuff going down in America, and not all of it has to do with FLorida recounts and Maxine Waters!

Tony Katz has three stories that are must hear: Fox News is defending CNN in their lawsuit against the Trump White House over Jim Acosta’s press pass. A billion dollar lottery ticket has yet to be claimed, which means someone needs to check behind grandma’s couch!

And, Amazon Echo is listening to you, and may have listened to a murder.

264 – Is It Fraud In the Florida Recount Or Something Else? Big Tax Returns Set For 2019 and Nancy Pelosi Wants Your Pew! Pew! Pew!

Law professor Jon Eastman discusses the Florida recount with Tony Katz. Is it on the up and up, or is there nefarious activity taking place?

Experts say 2019 is going to be a year of big tax refunds. What is Producer Ari going to spend it on? (And all the credit to comic Gary Gulman for the “holiday sauce” reference. You’ll hear it.)

Tony also has a recap on CNN’s Jim Acosta, and the Democrats have guns in their sights.

Eat! Drink! Smoke! Episode 7 – CNN Gets Woke About The Mob, Maggie Gyllenhaal Raises Activist Children And Tony’s Mom Got Screwed By Apple

The latest episode of Eat! Drink! Smoke! – a review of bourbon, cigars and great food mixed with some conversation of the news and culture of the day with radio host and entertainer Tony Katz.


The Eat? – ?????
The Drink? – Russell’s 10 Year Bourbon
The Smoke? – Davidoff Churchill “The Late Hour”

The mob is real. Unless you’re Brooke Baldwin on CNN. In that case, there are no mobs going after politicans and others in restaurants and at their homes. Why is the word “mob” now something that network and cable news push back against?

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, appearing on The View, says that her 12 year-old daughter is an “activist” and a “feminist,” and she cried when she learned that another 12 year-old said she wasn’t a feminist. What were you like when you were 12? And do parents want their children to be activists?

And Apple screwed over Tony’s mom. Did the same thing happen to you?

This episode of Eat! Drink! Smoke! was recorded at Blend Bar Cigar in Indianapolis, IN. Joining Tony are radio host Fingers Malloy and social media maven and podcaster April D. Gregory.

248 – CNN Relies On Racism To Attack Kanye West, The Mob Is The Correct Term and The Powerpuff Girls Get On Birth Certificates

Sometimes, even Tony Katz can’t say it as well as a clip from the cable networks can (but he can explain what they mean better than anyone!) Especially when it’s CNN being so far removed from decency and reality. Like what? Like repeatedly claiming that liberals who surround cars of elderly men or who scream and Sen. Ted Cruz in a restaurant are not a mob. (They won’t even call it a mob. Some refer to it as the “M-word.” Really.)

Also like what? Like a panel run by Don Lemon referring to Kanye West as an uneducated “negro.” Yes! Really!

And New York City now allows you to put “X” instead of male or female on your birth certificate. Yes…..really.

243 – Dr. Ford’s Testimony Has Hurt Her Case Against Brett Kavanaugh, Ted Koppel Levels CNN and Fast Food Is Fine

Another day in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle, and new information shows the testimony of Dr. Christine Ford may not be accurate. Specifically? She went into great detail about a second door being installed in the home; that it was done because she feels claustrophobic since her alleged incident with Kavanaugh. As it turns out, that door was installed in 2008, not 2012, and was most likely installed to accomodate a second business being run out of the home and not her “claustrophobia.”

Tony Katz also has amazing audio from former newsman Ted Koppel taking CNN’s Brian Stelter to task over President Trump’s presence being responsible for huge ratings. Stelter disagreed. Strongly. Tony can’t understand why.

And a new study says 1 in 3 Americans has fast food at least once a day. But fast food restaurants have been revamping menus for years to accomodate American’s healthier eating habits. So, what’s the problem?

If It’s Good Enough For Elizabeth Lauten, It’s Good Enough For CNN’s Carol Costello

WIBC morning host Tony Katz breaks down the media attack on former GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten, who resigned as communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher of Tennessee after posting comments about President Obama’s daughters on Facebook.

Lautner commented on their appearance during a Thanksgiving event attend by them and the President, and went on to suggest that they lacked class and a “proper role model.”


The press pounced, as one might guess they would. Yet, after the resignation, the attacks have continued. Her supposedly sealed “criminal record” was exposed by the site The Smoking Gun. And, according to the Washington Free Beacon, two press trucks have been parked in front of her parent’s North Carolina home.

Tony is wondering why the same scrutiny wasn’t give to CNN anchor Carol Costello, who laughed and giggled her way through an audio tape of Bristol Palin, daughter of former Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, discussing how she had just been attacked at a party? Are children off limits, or just some people’s children? And, is this – continued attacks, harassment and outright reputation destruction –  the new journalism?

If so, Tony says, so be it. But remember, American Left, you made the rules.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/21/14 – Obama’s VA “Outrage” and a Second Look at CNN

President Obama says he’s outraged by the VA scandal that has left scores dead due to secret waiting lists and intimidation of VA personnel. The real outrage should be that he learned of yet another scandal in his administration from watching TV. Tony discusses the problem with his outrage.

Plus, Tony takes a look at CNN. Is this the network primed for a comeback?

Listen, Share and Enjoy!

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 3/20/14 – CNN Goes Plane Crazy and Affordable, Affordable, Affordable!

The show is LIVE from the Prime Image Media studios in Phoenix, Arizona. Tony takes in the desert sun, but doesn’t shy away from telling CNN that they’ve lost their minds over Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Black Holes? Really?

Then, Rep. Nancy Pelosi wants to chastise reporters for calling Obamacare “Obamacare,” even though President Obama calls it “Obamacare.” She wants everyone to know it’s the Affordable Care Act, with an emphasis on affordable, affordable, affordable, affordable, affordable.

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