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Don’t ‘Pull A Romney’ When It Comes To China

There’s an expression used in the household of Tony Katz. “Pulling a Romney.” It’s an term that means choking at the last minute and losing. The reference is, of course, tied to the failed Presidential campaign of Mitt Romney. Romney could have finished off Barack Obama in 2012 and won the race, but he pulled back and played nice guy. You can’t play nice guy when it comes to winning time.

Tony Katz implores us to learn from our past and not “Pull a Romney” with China in regards to their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t play nice with communists.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn on COVID-19 Testing Progress

Dr. Stephen Hahn joined Tony Katz to discuss the progress that the United States is making on COVID-19 testing. The progress that has been made is substantial, but how did China’s lack of forthcoming affect the speed at which we were able to accurately test Americans for COVID-19?

Sec. Mike Pompeo on Global Relations During Pandemic

Tony Katz spoke to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, about the COVID-19 pandemic. The Secretary and Katz discuss the relationship between China and the United States after China withheld information that could have helped prevent the spread of the virus. How will China be dealt with and what is the timetable for an investigation?

The Age of The Bio-Weapon is Here

We have to look at the origins of the COVID-19 virus. How exactly did it get into the Chinese population and why was China so secretive about it? There is a real question to be asked if this was something that came from a lab. Whether it was unleashed accidentally or purposely, it doesn’t change the fact that the age of the bio-weapon is here. 

Rep. Banks: I’m Calling On China To Pay Reparations

Indiana Congressman, Jim Banks is not letting China off the hook for how they handled Coronavirus. Tony Katz has said for years that due to their hostile activity towards the United States, we must make China pay by taking money off the national debt. Now, Rep. Banks has taken Tony’s idea and plans to implement it  through a bi-partisan proposal.

Rep. Banks joins Tony Katz to discuss how China’s deception throughout this pandemic cannot go unnoticed and the United States should not let it slide and hit China where it hurts